When me n my bf get into agruements he sometimes says ill go find a new girl or he says ill go make a new baby im preg. what does those remarks mean should i be thinking hes doin somethin with sum1?

No Youu should not think that ,, Just give him time to cool down then in house ring him and say im sorry then he'll say it back and if hos done somethink by then i would tell you and youu could work it out ! x if you argue again get a close hanger and rip the baby out of you and throw the fedus at him With regards to the first answer: What a stupid suggestion! Also learn to spell! I do agree with the fact that maybe you should not look too deep in to the things he says. He sounds very insensitive and a bit of a bully. I would question if this is the right person for me? But I dont know him or your relationship..only you can decide if he is the right person. He may just say these things out of anger, we all do. Hope it all works out well for you xx