When men cheat how come it seems to always be with ugly trashy women?

Women that are "trashy and unattractive" generally have lower self esteem and are easier pre. They are more egar to go above and beyod to keep that man.

Most men that cheat on their woman with an ugly trashy woman claim to be drunk when incident took place. Why? I think men dont realize what they have until they have messed around and lost it, then when they understand all this it too late because most women including myself wont put up with guys who cheat.

It's common for the person your spouse is having an affair with to be not any better looking than you, or actually less attractive. Looks aren't usually the issue.

The cheating spouse feels the other person gives them a "boost", makes the cheating spouse feel desireable or more interesting. If it was just casual sex and not an actual relationship, the cheating spouse gets off on sexual variety.

That would appear to be a judgment call rather than a true fact. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", therefore what might appear objectionable or detrimental to one person could be exactly what someone else is seeking.


I don't think all men do, and it depends on how bad or what kind. From my story the man I married told me that his mistress was a very nice and kind woman who is a good Christian. Trashy? well I found out that she used to be a prostitute, but because she change and become a good Christian, that is all what matter to him, I think. But if I could tell my opinion I'm not surprised at all because the women he got involved with in the past before he met me was a prostitute