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Unless it is dark or smells burnt, just make sure it is up to the correct level. If it isn’t broke, don't fix it. It's one of the few items people don’t bother to change but remember the fluid is hydroscopic and will absorbs water so needs to be changed every two years.

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Q: When must power steering fluid be changed if ever?
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What kind of power steering fluid for montero sport?

I don't think there is any more than one kind of power steering fluid. I've only ever seen one.

What would cause a power steering pump to go out repeatedly on a 1999 Ford F-250 diesel?

I would say most likely HEAT! Does the power steering unit have a cooler? When you changed the power steering unit previously did you replace, not replenish, replace the fluid? Usually pwer steering pumps run a long time but once the fluid gets contaminated, either with dirt, debris or the lubricants are cooked out of the fluid then the fluid doesn't keep the seals soft. When the seals get hard the unit leaks and sometimes whines and squeals. I have added Lucas Power Steering Additive to some power steering untis that were on thei rlast legs to get them to last awhile longer. It's about $10.00 for a small bottle but it did stop leaks. If your power steering unti is out and you are going to replace it, look into adding a cooler to it, a small condensor that will remove some of the heat from the fluid. Or you could maybe insulate the power steering unit with some sort of insulation material. The power steering unti sometime sits very close to the headers or exhaust manifolds which helps deteriorate the fluid. Power Steering fluid is one of the most overlooked fluids. Many of today scars use transmission fluid for the power steering fluid and if you ever have a transmission get the fluid all hot, you will soon be replacing or repairing the tranny.

If someone has put trans fluid in the power steering of a 1996 Explorer can it be removed and should you be worried?

My husband says not to worry. He puts it in his truck power-steering fluid frequently. It's best to use PS fluid, but tran fluid can be substituted in a pinch. However, you cannot put PS fluid in the tranny.AnswerActually, Mercon ATF is the recommended power steering fluid for 96' Ford Explorer XLTs. ANSWERno problem at all. its not the best thing in the world.. but it works. just don't ever use power steering fluid in the trans

What is the cause of a humming noise when turning the steering wheel of a Honda Prelude?

Anytime I've ever heard a humming noise when turning the steering wheel on any vehicle,It has always been due to low power steering fluid

Has anyone ever converted a 1977 ford f250 power assist steering over to power steering?

Power assist steering and Power Steering are the same thing, just difrent names from difrent Manufacturers.

What is wrong if the wheel won't turn unless you pull it really hard?

Check your power steering fluid level , belt tension if ok sounds like you need a new power steering pumpAnother possibilityWas any work ever done to the system? Could be that you have an air lock. Does it have a power steering box or a power steering rack and what sort of mileage has the vehicle done?

Why is your Ford Mustang hard to turn?

Power steering- low on fluid, low air pressure in tires, bad PS pump. Manual steering, that's the best it will ever be, oh and check the tire pressure.

When you replace power steering fluid how long for it to work?

Follow the manufacturer's guide lines, if you have them. As a general rule you should change the fluid every 100,000 miles (or five years, which ever comes first) if it's "long life" fluid or 50,000 miles (or three years, which ever comes first) if it is "conventional" fluid.

What might still be wrong with the power steering on a 92 ford aerostar xlt 4l - growls constantly like an over-steering noise replaced pump pressure hose and fluid but noise seems worse than ever?

Have your steering box inspected by a mechanic.

Why would there be squeaking in the steering wheel of a Saturn Vue no power steering fluid is required.?

It is possible a family of mice have nested there and that is the squeaking sound you here. that is the most stupidest answer ever if u don't know the answer u shouldn't open your mouth....

How often does one need to perform routine car maintenance?

Cars need maintenance to work their best. Every 3,000 to 5000 miles the oil and oil filter needs changed. The air-filter, power steering fluid, and fuel filter need to be checked and replaced ever 15,000 to 30,000 miles. The spark plugs and battery should be checked and replaced every 40,000 miles while the brake pads, brake fluid, timing belt, tires, and power steering fluid should be checked and replaced every 60,000 miles.

What causes a rough shift from first to second in 95 Taurus 3.8?

have you ever had the transmission filter changed and fluid changed?? Great place to start looking. If you have already checked the fluid level!

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