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Answer It's a form of your having orgasims and good for you as many women don't have your experiences when fingered.

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What can i do while I'm pregnant to avoid my boyfriend from cumming so soon?

try using a condom :L

How do you wash a gerbil?

If you fill up the sink with water. Only a few centimetres height so you do not drown it. Very gently wet your fingers and stroke it with the wet fingers.

Why do men urinate after cumming?

Can be because the urethra is so relaxed after cumming, that it's not easy to hold it in.

Can all things be Electrified?

yes if you have wet fingers and put two of you fingers in a plug socket you'll most probally die so most warning signs are there to keep you safe :)

What animals are wet?

Fish are wet. So are wet dogs.

What does it mean when a guy says he is getting wet?

This is typically said by a girl so it's kinda strange if a guy says it, but if he does, he basically means he's pre-cumming, or semen is coming out of him. This happens if you turn him on or he is sexually aroused, and this can happen before or during sex.

How do you get your vagina wet if you haven't started your period?

Some women rub their vagina slowly then getting faster and sometimes a male insert 4 fingers into the women vagina and push it up and down and the vagina becomes wet and then have a fast sex so it's like without hurting your penis while it's wet.

Should you kiss on your first date with your boyfriend?

Yes he is your boyfriend you like him he likes you what's wrong with him kissing you on the first date!!! I kissed my boyfriend before we even wet on a date so yea If you want to then kiss if you don't want to then that should be okay too. It is up to you to decide this issue.

How many fingers does Yoda have?

Yoda has 3 fingers on each hand, so he has 6 fingers in all.

Why does Mr Spock have fingers?

Odd question... Why wouldn't he? Vulcans have fingers, humans have fingers. His mother & father had him so naturally, he would have fingers.

What on your sewing at the machine so you do not sew your fingers?

The foot guard protects your fingers

Where does Sonic store his rings?

On his fingers thats why his fingers are so big and.thick

Why is the lake district so wet?

It is wet because it is a lake

Why do people have 5 fingers?

Five fingers is what allowed organisms to survive, so this is what evolved. We have evolved where it has been discovered that five fingers is the best number of fingers.

Can you get chlamydia if your boyfriend has it and touched himself and then put his fingers in your vagina?

Clamydia is a bacteria, so if your boyfriend touched himself then it is possible you may have it. It is also possible that you may not have it due to your treatment or maybe the infection just did not get a chance to pass on to you. Being infected with it is definitively an option, so I would recomend you not to have sex with him (either genital or oral).

What can you do so your hair become stright without pressing?

if you dont use a straightener another way to straighten your hair is make parts of you hair wet and then blow dry and comb your hair in the process with YOUR FINGERS.

How does jerry garci play guitar so well with only 3 fingers on his right hand?

he has four fingers he has four fingers

Does a fruit bat have fingers if so what are they for?

They dont have fingers but they have 5 tiny penises to penetrate with

How do you damp your hair?

Get it wet with water, enough so its wet but not dripping

Why do emergent have buttress roots?

for them to become wet

Can a girl get pregnant if there was semen on your fingers and you wiped them off before you put them inside her?

It only takes _ONE_ sperm cell to fertilize an egg. There are millions of them in just one ejaculation. In reality, if the fingers are not wet with semen, then there wont be much to worry about. yes it only takes one but the chances of a small amount of sperm to make it all the way to the tubes is extremely slim u know out of 500,000 sperm only 250 make it! (this is on ejaculation inside)! so think about this for a second! it is possible but not probable! how my boyfriend says! bh

What about Britney Spear got a boyfriend?

she wanted a boyfriend because.... SHE WAS SO SO SO SO JALOUSIE OF HER SISTER BECAUSE SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND and one time she even dresses up as a boy and said "where is britney spears im her boyfriend im jackson!"

Is it bad to get a webkinz wet?

No, as long as you dry it, so it does not smell wet and gross.

Will you not be able to use your fingers after you pull your fingers frequently?

no you will be able to use them but pulling your fingers causes arthritis. so itll hurt when youre older.

How old should you be to finger a girl?

I was 11 when i fingered a girl this is what i did:1st Eat her out ( LICK HER PUSSY) rub it up and down gently so she gets really wet and horny!) Then Insert ur fingers and take them out ...... etc.!