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it could be your fuel sending unit or the float in the tank less likely your gauge is bad but that could also be the problem

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Q: When on the motorway your fuel gauge goes down by a quarter of a tank how can you stop this you want it to read what is in the tank?
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When do you Plan to refuel when your fuel gauge reads?

You might plan to refuel when your fuel gauge reads one-eighth of a tank of gasoline. Some people choose to refuel when the gauge reads one-quarter of a tank remaining.

What is a fuel gauge?

A gauge for measuring fuel in a tank.

Why would your gas gauge be on quarter tank but really be empty?

The fuel sensor in the gas tank is bad and needs replaced.

How do you indicate accurate level of fuel?

With a gas gauge. The line should show no less than a quarter of a tank to be safe.

How do you reset the fuel gauge on a 1992 Cadillac De Ville?

Reset a fuel gauge? There is not reset for a fuel gauge.

What will happen to the fuel gauge reading when you unplug a wire from the fuel gauge?

The fuel gauge will no longer give an accurate reading.

When the Low fuel light on fuel the gauge on the Last line when fuel added consistantly get 13.5gals manual states tank holds approx 17.1gals fuel assembly replaced by dealer can gauge be calibrated?

You did't run out of gas; tank was not empty. Keep no less than a quarter tank to prevent fuel pump failure, especially in hot climes

Ford expedition runs out of gas with a quarter of a tank showing on the gauge why?

The fuel sensor is most likely sticking. It is located inside of the fuel tank, and the tank will have to be removed to gain access.

Why does your fuel gauge keep moving?

You may have a faulty fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank.

Where in the trunk is the fuel gauge?

The fuel gauge sending unit would be found inside the fuel tank.

2002 Pontiac Montana fuel gauge is either empty or full why?

I had this problem with my 2002 montana. The fuel gauge inside the tank was defective I went to a garage where and had the gauge changed (you can buy the part from the dealer ) You have to take the fuel tank down and unplug the wires and the fuel lines(you need a special tool to disconnect the fuel lines) Parts and labor cost me $260.00

2000 Ford Taurus fuel gauge stuck on full what could be the problem?

either the fuel gauge needs replacing or the fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank is stuck

How do you fix the gas gauge when it doesnt register ther is a check gauge light on?

Most fuel gauge problems are the result of a faulty fuel gauge sending unit located in the fuel tank.

Why fuel gauge not working?

In most cases the fuel gauge sending unit inside the fuel tank is at fault.

Does anyone elses corsa 54 plate 1.3 cdti fuel gauge suddenly drop after little miles and then climb back up slowly and drop back down rarther quick. is this a faulty fuel gauge or just normal?

A little more info just to help. I filled up yesterday a full tank and drove 30 miles mainly on the motorway and i looked and it had used 1/2th of the quarter marker. I got in today to go out and it had dropped to the 3/4 mark so i was driving and it started to rise up and was back on full after about 15 mins. but then started to drop again and when i got in it was on the 3/4 mark again. is this normal? or faulty? I have a similar problem with a 2000 LeSabre. The gauge is OK until only about a quarter of a tank, then it becomes unstable, goes up and down, climbs, dips back down, and then, when there is less than an eight of a tank it sticks on a full tank indication. The dealer told me it is the fuel level sender in the tank, and that it commonly fails after about 150,000 miles.

How do you fix a fuel gauge on a 2004 silhouette van?

Most fuel gauge problems are caused by a faulty fuel gauge sending unit. The fuel gauge sending unit is located inside the fuel tank. In most cases the fuel tank must be removed to replace the sending unit.

Renault mengane fuel light always on gauge not working?

fuel gauge not working

How do you fix a fuel gauge on a seadoo spx?

Take out the fuel gauge and fish for the magnet inside the fuel tank. Then disassemble the fuel gauge to replace the broken magnet. Reassemble and replace. Done...

Why is your fuel gauge stuck on full 97 ford explorer?

The 1997 Ford Explorer fuel gauge can be stuck on fault because the fuel float is malfunctioning in the fuel tank. The fuel gauge fuse might be blown.

2000 Dodge pickup three quarter ton v10 gas gauge stop working would work when you were down to about a quarter tank but a week ago it just stoped working All fuses are good help?

Normal cause is a failed sending unit(float) on the fuel pump module in the tank.

Why my 1996 Corsica will not read the fuel level on the fuel gauge is it the fuel sending unit?

either that or the gauge, wiring or a connector.

Why does your fuel gauge say got fuel but car runs out off fuel?

The gauge may be giving you a false reading.

1990 Jeep Cherokee which has an inaccurate fuel gauge?

A 1990 Jeep Cherokee malfunctioning fuel gauge can be caused by a broken ground wire. The gauge will not function if the fuel float in the fuel tank is broken.

Why does the fuel gauge on a 2002 Monte Carlo keep bouncing around?

I have a 1996 Monte Carlo Z34, and I've noticed that the fuel gauge reading will bounce around whenever the car is tipped up or down as the fuel sloshes around in the gas tank.

How do you fix your fuel gauge on your 82 cutlass?

The cause of the faulty fuel gauge is probably the fuel gauge sending unit located inside the fuel tank. Replacing the sending unit would require dropping the fuel tank.