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There is a large volume of water in margarine. This will make the cookies or anything drier and most likely crumbly. You can use oil in place of margarine in most things, but not the reverse.

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Can you substitute margarine for butter when baking cookies?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Margarine is another "form" of butter.

What can be used in baking instead of butter or margarine?

Cooking oil or ghee are both good substitutes.

Can you use three-fourths cup of shortening instead of butter when baking cookies?

Substitutes for shortening are butter and margarine in sticks. Use the same amount as called for in your recipe. Keep in mind, plain shortening will NOT be as flavorful as butter or margarine. Do not use soft margarine in a tub as it contains too much water.

Can margerine be used in place of shortening in a cookie recipe?

Of course you can make cookies with margarine instead of shortening, I do it with all my cookies. When you use margarine you don't need to grease your baking pans, and I think the cookies come out more tasty.

Can you use oil instead of shortening when baking cookies?

NOPE.... use shortening or margarine = soft cookies, use butter = crispy cookies. If you use oil, you'll have a mess.

Can I cook with country crock shedd's spread?

Probably not. The artificial margarine and butter substitutes tend to have a higher water content than margarine or natural butter, and thus are unsuitable for baking and frying.

Can tub margarine be used in baking?

Yes, tub margarine can be used in baking.

How do you make dry cookies to moisten?

you cant make the cookies soft after you have baked should add butter or margarine to the cookie dough before baking it(its quite simple)...

When baking cookies can you use margarine instead of vegetable oil?

Yes. Margarine is basically solidified vegetable oil, so you should be able to substitute it in a cookie recipe without a problem.

Does margarine come from a plant or animal?

Margarine comes from plantsMargarine is made mainly of hydrogenated or refined plant oils and water.Margarine can be used both for spreading or for baking and cookingIt is also commonly used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries and cookies.

What causes cookies to spread while baking?

As cookie or biscuit dough heats up during baking the sugar and shortening (butter/margarine etc) soften, causing it to spread.

What are the egg substitutes in baking?

i usually use baking powder, not baking soda

Can you use butter instead of margarine in a recipe?

Most of the time you can, except when baking. It will be somewhat change the texture of cakes and muffins but you can still do it, but for cookies NO WAY!

Can one substitute oil for margarine in cookies?

The final taste of the cookies depends on the actual margarine being used. The solidifying of the cookie dough may not be the same with altered ingredients. The only successful ingredient change I know that has no ill effects on baking, is the direct substitution of applesauce for liquid oil.

Can you use self riaing flour for peanut butter cookies?

You might be able to use self rising flour for peanut butter cookies. It will act differently than regular flour, so omit ingredients that cause the cookies with regular flour to rise (baking soda) and be prepared for your experimental cookies to cook differently.

What can you substitute Margarine and butter with in baking cookies?

I Can't Belive it's Not Butter! Seriously, it's not butter. Tastes, looks, and smells aren't everything. Thank you.

What purpose does oil play in baking cookies and cakes?

it's a healthier alternative to butter or margarine. It gives the mixture more consistency and makes it slightly thicker.

Is baking cookies a chemical or physical change?

Baking cookies is a chemical change.

Is there a replacement for baking soda while baking?

No, if you use baking powder to replace the baking soda it will alter the dish you are cooking. In cookies, baking soda makes for crispier cookies, and baking powder makes softer cookies. But, no they aren't interchangeable.

How do you use baking powder to make cookies rise?

put baking powder into the cookies.

Is margarine the same as butter when it comes to baking?

Margarine the same as butter when it comes to baking as long as it is not "lite" or "low-fat" margarine. However margarine is not the same as butter nutritionally because it contains unhealthy partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

What can substitute butter in baking?

Lard or Margarine

When making chocolate chip cookies what can you substitute for baking powder?

The original Nestlés Toll House cookies (chocolate chip cookies) recipe calls for baking soda, not baking powder. There is no substitute for baking soda or baking powder in a recipe. You have to have it.

What makes cookies biggerbaking powder or baking soda?

baking soda makes cookies bigger

Does a baking sheet affect the baking of cookies?

from my perspective, no. it just keeps the cookies from sticking to the pan.

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