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before you purchase a product on the internet check with the better business bureau to see if they are legitimate. And If they are not a member of the better business bureau then ask them why they are not. if you have PayPal you can get protection from businesses that try to scam you. you can use paypal through your regular credit card and transfer funds to your paypal account. don't send anyone cash or checks. if they ask for cash or checks only do not buy from them off the internet. Any business that is serious will be a member of the better business bureau and they will also except paypal. or a credit card if it is protected. check with your credit card company first to see if your account is protected. check out

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Q: When purchasing products on the Internet how do you know if the company you are buying from is legitimate and what kind of protection do consumers have?
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you might, but most of us have been safe without purchasing security software.

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Is internet Explorer a legitimate product?

Internet Explorer is a very legitimate product. It has been used for many many years and is the most used and well known internet page there is to find and use.

What is Internet purchasing?

Internet purchasing is the buying of goods and services from the internet for example the sale of items by persons on ebay and In order for the sales to be confirmed there must be an offer to the offeree.

Where can I find information about purchasing a treasury note?

You can find information about purchasing a treasury note on the internet and in books at the library. There are many websites on the internet about that.

Is there any legitimate internet jobs in the Philippines?

Many US internet providers have outsourced their internet tech support to the Philippines.

What companies offer internet protection services?

In Canada, Bell and Telus both provide internet protection services. Bell is a major internet service provider for much of the country, and they have some options for protection available.

When did consumers have public access to Internet?


Businesses that sell directly to consumers on the internet is known as what?

Businesses that sell directly to consumers on the internet are known as B2C businesses. B2C stands for business to consumer.

What is modern activities of purchasing?

Purchasing activities include researching the best sellers and negotiating on the price. With the Internet, purchasing is much easier than in the past.

What are clear internet reviews?

Clear is a internet providing company for consumers. Consumers review different products and write about them so other consumer will know how good the product is.

What are the advantages of purchasing car insurance over the internet?

There are several advantages to purchasing car insurance over the internet. Purchasing car insurance over the internet, a person can compare the rates with other car insurances. Also, a person can see the value before making a purchase, and take all the time they needed.

What company offers the best high speed internet service?

When purchasing a high speed internet service you should look into cost and safety. Make sure that the new provider offers some kind of internet protection to avoid hacking. Most companies will offer this for free of charge. The average cost for internet service is around $30 per month.

What describes one way that the Internet benefits consumers?

One way that the internet benefits consumers is with consumer surplus. Consumers have a wide variety of entertainment to choose from, as well as many different shopping options, all from the comfort of home. Consumers can compare products, prices, and availability, allowing consumers to make the choices that best fit their needs.

When was internet available to consumers?

the internet started in 1976 by a German Scientist named Ben Dover.

Where can free internet virus protection be downloaded from?

Free internet virus protection can easily be downloaded from the websites of various internet security companies. For example, AVG provides an excellent free service.

What are the benefits of purchasing direct car insurance?

Yes, there may be benefits to purchasing car insurance directly from an insurer over the internet. Geico is a large internet insurer who provides car insurance at a discount.

What can be done to promote safe Internet surfing?

watch what you browse and have good internet protection.

When purchasing items over the Internet be sure to check?

All of the above

Is Internet Protection a malware which infects computers and generates false virus reports in order to sell it's products?

Internet Protection is not a malware; it is the opposite. It will help you from getting malware. The best protection services are Kasperky or BitDefender.

What do you use for a laptop that doesn't have internet built in?

You can add internet connectivity buy purchasing a USB Modem, PCMCIA Modem

How can you get your own internet domain name?

You can get your own internet domain by purchasing one of your own. You can make your website on weebly and if you like how it turns out, you can purchase the internet domain for it.

Is it possible to find a Legitimate work at home internet business?

Yes, you can! I have been self-employed and my businesses are totally 100% Internet-based.

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