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There are a number of reasons why you might have pain between elbow and shoulder. This could be caused by a pulled muscle.

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You have severe trapped wind behind your right shoulder blade?

Yes and my chest

Severe neck and shoulder pain?

husband had same itching on shoulder found out it was pinched nerve between shoulder & neck had adjustment no more itching.

What can cause severe upper arm pain?

What can cause severe upper arm pain (periodic aching between elbow and shoulder, sometimes pain going down arm and into shoulder)?

If polymyalgia rheumatica is severe enough what disease of the shoulder can appear?

Sometimes the stiffness is severe enough that it causes frozen shoulder.

What could it be if you've been having severe pain in between your shoulder blades and your spine and it is swollen alongside each side of your spine in the areas where it hurts?

My pain between my shoulder blades is due to a thorasic herniated disc.

What injury did bobby lashley sustain?

Severe shoulder injury

How much Dilaudid should you take for severe shoulder pain?


What is the biggest cause of somalias famine?

Severe drought was behind the famine in Somalia. Sadly, almost 260,000 people died between 2010 and 2012.

You took two Aleve about 2.5 hours ago am having a severe left shoulder pain want to take a Tylenol now?

Wait at least four hours in between. Try heat or cold on the area. If it's severe, you should probably go see a doctor.

What can cause severe pain in upper right arm near the shoulder area?

possibly damage done to shoulder, or a heart attack can also cause intense shoulder pain Another cause could be that you have a first rib out of place.

What could cause a feeling of severe cold from your left shoulder down your left arm to your hand?

The wind.

What would cause severe pain in the arm when raised sideways?

Rotator cuff or shoulder muscle injury.

Severe pain in right shoulder right arm?

Care to elaborate???? There are infinite causes of shoulder/arm pain... I'll just say you damaged the musculocutaneous nerve for the sake of saying it.

To stop severe bleeding of the arm which pressure point should you use?

upper arm before shoulder .cut of flow

What is does pain behind ear mean?

Pain behind ear can mean ear infection or headache if it is medium to severe go to the doctor for drops

Why you should bring the shoulder charge back in rugby league?

Basically you shouldn't. The practice of shoulder charging causes more stinger injuries than head on tackles. The shoulder is one of the most damages areas beside the knee in the modern game. Hitting with the shoulder only could if done indiscriminately cause severe damage

What is inner sinus?

Infection in inner sinus which runs behind nose and throat. Causing severe pain in that area severe head ache and Nausea and Vomiting.

What is the difference between a severe weather watch and a severe weather warning?

A watch means that they think you might have severe weather, while a warning means you have severe weather, so get down!

What could explain a painful lump behind your right ear that causes severe headaches?


Severe pain is on the right shoulder joint which specialist should you go?

If it is only the joint, you would find an orthopedic doctor who specializes in shoulders.

What causes severe pain inleft shoulder blade and tingling in left arm?

Pain in the left shoulder blade and tingling in the left arm can be caused by a pinched nerve. The exact cause of the pain should be diagnosed by a qualified physician.

Are there any over-the-counter medications for shoulder pain?

There are several over the counter medications you can take for shoulder pain, as long as the pain is not too severe. Depending on your tolerance and your allergies, you can take ibuprofen, tylenol, advil or bayer.

Can the iliac artery be blocked and what are the sysptoms?

severe pain when walking and dragging your leg behind you and feet cold

You are 35 weeks pregnant and am having severe pain under your shoulder blades and your chest?

Go see you OBGYP or go to the nearest hospital to be checked out.

What can cause severe shoulder blade pain?

There can be many reasons like muscle strain or strain in the ligament or acute bursitis. The orthopedic doctor will help you.