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Q: When reading nutrition labels would corn syrup be considered sugar?
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Is added sugar the same as sugar shown on nutrition labels?

No. Some foods, such as raisins, have a lot of sugar but it's not refined, as added sugar usually is.

What is the most important item(s) on nutrition labels?

Nutrition labels can be overwhelming because of all of the categories and data on them. The most important factors that you should focus on with nutrition labels is the amount of calories, servings per container, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and sodium.

Read Nutrition Labels To Keep Health Under Control?

If you are diabetic, get used to reading nutrition labels. You need to watch your carbohydrate, fat and salt intake to avoid problems associated with diabetes such as elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure and heart disease. The easiest way to adjust your diet is to read the nutrition labels on the back of food items prior to purchase. Pay attention to how much sodium, fat and carbohydrates are in these food items and don't purchase items that are high in these areas.

Do people only eat some food if they have diabetes?

Typically those with diabetes have to be extremely cautious of their carbohydrate intake, but more specifically their "sugar" intake. By "sugar", I mean the sugar on your Nutrition Facts labels, but Carbs are the same thing as sugar.

High blood sugar reading?

It is considered high when it is over 150.

Why does the Tic Tac container say 0g of sugar yet the main ingredient is sugar?

tic tacs have sugar in them but its less then 1g so it can be considered 0g in the nutrition facts

Which food type includes starches and sugars?

Anything with white flour, rice, potatoes, beans, pasta, bread, conrn, cornmeal, and even wheat products contain some. To check for hidden starches, try looking at the carbohydrates on the nutrition labels. And of course, the sugar labels. I used to have to cook for a diabetic.

When reading labels look for alternate name sugar such as?

Fructose (as in High Fructose Corn Syrup), Glucose, Maltose, Sucrose, and Dextrose are the most common. It is usually a safe bet to assume anything ending in -ose is some form of sugar.

What do amounts of salt and sugar mean on labels?

the measurements

Is Gatorade better than soda?

In comparing nutrition facts labels of Gatorade (G) and Coke Classic, G has about half the calories and sugar of Coke. Of course this will vary between products, but in this comparison, Gatorade is better from a nutrition perspective. G does, however, have more sodium than Coke, but this is to trigger thirst so you stay better hydrated.

what is the normal early morning sugar reading?

what is the normal early morning sugar reading

How do you lose weight without diet plans or diet pills?

The best way to lose weight without a diet plan or pills is to eliminate sugar as much as possible and drink plenty of water. To be aware of what has sugar in it, look at the nutrition labels of the foods you eat. The grams of sugar per serving should be listed. Shoot for 15g per day or less.

Does sugar have nutrition?

it does because i said so

Do corn tortillas have sugar in them?

From what I can tell, some of them have sugar and some don't. Be careful and check labels if you can. It's an interesting question because corn itself does contain sugar. And corn flour also has some sugar. So, frankly, I don't believe the labels that have 0 sugar. I use to find nutritional information.

What is the difference between normal sugar and muscovado sugar?

muscovado sugar has nutrition that regular sugar does not have

When reading labels look for alternate names of sugar such as?

Other names for sugar include: Sucrose Glucose Fructose Monosacahride Dextrose Lactose Maltose Disaccharide

my blood sugar reading was 78 is that normal?

my blood sugar reading was 78 is that normal

Which sugar is better between white sugar or brown sugar or granulated sugar?

From a nutrition/health perspective they are so alike that there's no meaningful difference between them.

What kind of cereals are good for diabetics?

You need to ask for a consultation with a dietician who can make appropriate recommendations for cereals you can eat safely. Of course the frosted or sugared cereals are not on your program. Start reading labels to determine the grams of sugar in each portion.

How much sugar does the rockstar energy drink have?

Read the nutrition label, sugar will be listed as a subsection of carbohydrates.

Sugar in an apple?

yes, there is some sugar in an apple but it is all natural, and has a great deal of nutrition of the apple in the peel not the inside, where the sugar is found.

What are two forms of nutrition that are found in plant seeds?

I think it is sugar and starch

When reading labels look for alternative sugar names such as?

You should keep your eye out for ingredients ending in "-ose." glucose, fructose, sucrose. Things like that. Keep in mind though that they're not always the enemy, they're just hard to point out sometimes.

Which have more sugar Gatorade are powerade?

I would read the labels, it probably varies by flavor.

What is meant by hidden sugar?

Just read labels. There is sugar in the powdered cheese in Mac 'n Cheese. Sugar in jarred spaghetti sauce. Applesauce unless it SAYS unsweetened.The sneaky stuff is in everything, it seems. Yogurt. Snacks[even salty ones] Sodas , Juice "drinks".Prepared "dinners". You almost need a sugar bloodhound. If you are serious about this, take the time to read the labels. .