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Request this only if the coin has already been encapsulated by another service but you think it should be graded higher. Here is the explaination of crossover from the ANACS form: "CROSSOVER SUBMISSION POLICIES/PROCEDURES - (Coins in other service's holders)

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What does 'grading' coins mean?

it means that a porfecinal has authenticated and determaned the codition of a coin

What does Slabbed mean when referring to coins?

A slabbed coin is a coin that was graded by a grading service. There are many grading services out there. You can use google to find some of them. Having a coin graded can give you the exact value and therefore is easier to determine its value.

What does pr mean for coin?

PR is a grading system used for proof coins

What does DCAM mean in coin grading?

DCAM stands for Deep Cameo and is reserved for proof coins

What does PQ bu mean for grading coins?

PQ= Premium Quality. Bu= Brilliant Uncirculated.

What does the RD in MS64RD mean with reference to coin collecting?

RD stands for the color Red in grading copper coins.

What does rd mean for coin collecting?

In America, "RD" is an abbreviation for "red", a grading-service color designation for copper coins.

How many quarters does it take to make one hundred dollars?

Assuming you mean quarters and are referring to coins then 400

What does raw grade mean in coins?

Raw refers to a coin that isn't sold in a case. Higher end coins are usually encapsulated and graded by a coin grading company such as PGS. A raw coin however isn't. Some people may try to assign numeric grades to a raw coin, however until it is graded by a reputable grading company, that number is only a rough estimate and most likely is going to be different than the coin if graded by a grading company.

What does PCGS mean on a silver coin?

PCGS stands for Professional Coin Grading Service, one of the most popular commercial services that grades coins. See www.pgcs.com for more info.

Why is it useful to know the mean average?

when you are grading you can use the mean as an average.

What does ms68 mean?

Coins are graded to their condition that includes the amount of wear it has. MS68 is a level of the grading used in coins. It is a very high rating, MS means Mint State which means uncirculated condition, straight off the mint's stamping die. 68 is a level of mint state, the higher the number the better the condition. Professional grading societies exist to grade coins they can tell the difference between a 68, 67 and a 69 mint state coin. Hope this helps you.

What does 50p mean?

When referring to coins it refers to 50 (decimal) pence which is half of a British pound. Alternatively it could also mean, It means 50 percent tax rate

If a person is socked what will happen?

---- What do you mean by "socked"? Do you mean: * Hit or punched? * Put socks on the feet? * Hit with a sock filled with coins? * Put in a large bag? Which one are you referring to? ----

What does the term PR mean in coins?

PR is used in terms of grading coins to designate that the coin is proof. For example, a perfect proof coin would be graded as PR-70. A nearly perfect proof coin might be graded PR-68 or PR-69, etc.

What does rd mean in grading coins?

RD is not a coin grade. The letters RD are the abbreviation for the color Red. They usually follow the grade of the coin such as MS-60 Rd. This refers to the overall color of the coins surface, used mostly on 1 cent and other copper coins. Other abbreviation's are: B=brown, RB=Red Brown.

What does cameo mean when referring to coins?

A high contrast "proof" coin...the face will seem to stand out almost frosted looking on a brighter shinier background

What is a coin mint?

It's not clear what you mean. Are you referring to a coin in mint condition, or the facility where coins are manufactured? Please post a new question with more details.

What is the new coins?

What do you mean by "What is the new coins?"

What does ANACS mean for a coin?

This is a third party grading service. They will grade your coins for a charge depending on when and how many you submit to be graded. Once they have graded them they will most likely put them in a case. These are then refereed as "slabs". See below for the ANACS homepage.

What does it mean to have coins on cp?

Coins on clubpenguin are money. You need coins to buy things.

Is marking an adjective?

It can be, where marking is used to mean grading tests (marking schedule, meaning grading schedule). Otherwise it is a noun or verb form (present participle of to mark).

What does poor mean in coin grading?

Less than good. The lowest grade.

What is the Observe in referring to coins?

I think you mean "Obverse", which refers to the front of the coin (usually, but not always, the side with the portrait or coat of arms), as versus the "Reverse", which refers to the back of the coin.

What does 2.87 GPA mean in terms of grades?

Depending on the school's grading system, it could be either a C+ or B-Depending on the school's grading system, it could be either a C+ or B-Depending on the school's grading system, it could be either a C+ or B-Depending on the school's grading system, it could be either a C+ or B-Depending on the school's grading system, it could be either a C+ or B-Depending on the school's grading system, it could be either a C+ or B-

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