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Generally when you get a car loan, the down payment is determined by such things as your credit rating, the age of the car (i.e. likelihood of it being reliable or breaking down) and the place you refinance. It pays to shop around if you have decent credit. The loaning institution will tell you what percentage you have to put down based on the age of the car. Older cars that could break down for good are a higher interest rate, because should they break down, the bank doesn't want to be left holding the bag if you default on a loan. Good luck!

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Q: When refinancing how much more should you put down for tax title and fees if the payoff amount is 8100 dollars?
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Should you consider refinancing if your only other option is bankruptcy?

That would be dependent on the amount of debt you have accrued that you think qualifies you for bankruptcy. Refinancing is of course possible, and may allow you to pay off all of your debts at once, depending on the amount you owe. You should contact a professional with options.

How do I go about refinancing my mortgage?

Refinancing is something you should research to make sure it will benefit you. The best thing to do is talk to you lender to see if you will benefit from refinancing.

First home buyer should wait how long before refinancing?

First home buyer should wait how long before refinancing?

How do you pay the lien amount?

You need to contact the lien holder and ask for the payoff amount. When you hand the payoff over to the lien holder (in the form of a check of which you have retained a copy) you should obtain a valid release that can be recorded in the land records. You may need legal advice on what constitutes a valid release depending on the type of lien.

If the bond amount is 1500 how much should you pay?

150 dollars

What are the steps I should take during a bankruptcy refinancing?

You should make sure that you understand what the interest rate is of the loan you are refinancing. Also make sure you understand the risks involved.

What should an average babysitter get paid?

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Is it possible to get cash back on a mortgage refinance?

It is indeed possible but you should first determine if refinancing your mortgage will be favorable. You can then apply for a new mortgage after you have decided on the amount of cash that you need.

How does one start the process of refinancing their loan on their home mortgage?

Before refinancing your home, one should consider if refinancing is the right option for them. Refinancing is intended mainly to lower one's interest rate. However, there are some things to be considered when doing this. Refinancing pays off the current loan and creates a new loan at a lower interest rate. Before doing this, the homeowner should know if their current mortgage has a prepayment penalty clause. This means that if they pay the current mortgage early they will have to pay a fine or penalty. This might make refinancing not worth it.

Which bank specialize in student loan refinance?

You should look to your local banks to find out which to student loans refinancing. You could also look at Citi bank that does student refinancing, Wells Fargo also does student loan refinancing too.

What are some things to keep in mind when refinancing a car?

There are a few things that one can keep in mind when refinancing a car. One of the key components of any car dealership transaction is the rate of interest, as well as the state of one's financial credit when refinancing a car. Another thing would be the length of the loan when refinancing a car. These are some of the things that one should keep in mind when refinancing a car.

If a company lends up to 75 percent for a HELOC is interest included in the loan payoff amount of the house?

When a payoff is requested, it should be given in writing. This will include interest due up thru the day the HELOC will be paid off and any other fees that may be included (like a termination fee).

Where can one find information if he should refinance his mortgage?

One can use a refinancing calculator website to work out if one can save money by refinancing ones mortgage. Bank rate is a useful website that shows refinancing the mortgage doesn't reduce the payments, what it does is restructure the repayments. For example, instead of paying å£400 a month, one could pay å£300 a month for six months but then it will increase to over the original amount after six months.

Who does good refinancing for cars?

Gieco and Alstate refinance pretty good, you should check them out.

Should you change insurance companies before refinancing home?

One has nothing to do with another.

How should this amount be written 122095.00?

One hundred, twenty-two thousand., ninety-five dollars.

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Where can one find Cost Refinancing online?

For cost refinancing, it may be best to check with one's current financial institution. Should they not be able to fulfill one's needs, one would be wise to consider changing financial institutions. All respectable financial institutions should have official websites and offer their customers cost refinancing services. If they do not, use somebody who does.

Where can one purchase boat refinancing?

You can purchase boat refinancing at Buyer Pricer, Web Crawler, Boat Loan and Seadream Inc. You should also check with your bank or credit union for options.

What should I know before leasing a car?

Before leasing a car you need to find out what your payments will be, what the payoff amount is at the end, whether there is a cap in case you trade in the car and it's worth less than the payoff, and whether or not there are extra charges for mileage overages. There can be alot of catches in leases. If it doesn't feel right, don't sign the papers.

What type of organization should one seek out for help in refinancing an equity loan?

A Law or Housing Organization should be sought for, when looking for help in refinancing equity loans. House sales organizations normally have Counselors that can help with understanding and handling equity loans.

What should I know about bankruptcy and mortgage refinance?

You can refinance your mortgage, even after a bankruptcy. Refinancing can even help restore your good credit in about two years! Sit down with your lender and talk about a refinancing plan.

What is the best way to go about refinancing home mortgages?

If a person was interested in refinancing their home mortgage they should do some research first. The first place to research would be to talk with their financial manager at their bank.

Where can one find information on refinancing for real estate?

To get information about refinancing for real estate, one should speak to a mortgage provider or bank. Alternatively, try a financial adviser and also an estate agent.

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