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Well, yes and no. I would suggest you turn the engine so that the #1 piston is at TDC (top dead center) this will make it easier if you happen to make a mistake later. You can refer to a haynes manual for a better idea on how to do that w/ your vehicle.This is usually the best method so that if something goes wrong (ie timing problems it makes it easier to line things up correctly).

If this is an issue usually what i do is take the cap off the distributor and mark the position of the rotor somewhere on the motor. also i make a mark on the distributor body where it mates with the motor so that when the new one is put on it lines up w/ the old one. Best way I've found is either a grease pen or white out because that stuff will mark anything.

Typically at this point you should be able to loosen any bolts or collars depending on what type of distributor you have. if the distributor is a screw type the above paragraphs are very important. if you have distributor such that would come w/ an over head cam type engine it's a bit easier.

Lastly, it is very important to get the distributor back on in the same exact position it was taken off so that when the car releases spark to the plugs it fires at the right time and your timing is not affected.

Either way a haynes/chiltons manual is best.

hope it helps.

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Q: When replacing a 1990 Geo Tracker distributor does the piston need to be up or down?
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