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AnswerIt is easier to take the bed off and push the bed off about 3 ft and bam you at the gas tank their should be a total of 8 bolts to take off for the bed

NOTE: The 8 bolts that hold the bed on are 18 mm (use a 6-point impact and a long breaker, because these bolts will be hard to turn. Use anti-sieze when you put them back.

You will have to lift the bed over the bumper or use blocks to hold the front of the bed up.

You also need to replace the wiring harness inside the tank (they go bad too) and a new fuel filer at the end of the pump.

Doing it this way keeps you from bending and breaking brake/fuel lines. consider making an access panel in the floor of the bed to make it even easier next time (becuase there will be a next time).

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Q: When replacing the fuel pump in a 1996 Chevy truck with V6 engine is it easier to drop the tank which happens to be full or remove the bed off the truck?
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