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When replacing the oil pump on a 97 Buick 3800 supercharged engine what gaskets and seals are needed?


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2006-08-17 12:51:33
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Oil pan gasket and pump gasket. Be sure and clean the oil pan out throughly and clean the strainer. If you find the oil pan bolt holes are protruding inward, then with a small hammer, make sure to flatten then out to ensure a good seal. Tighten all bolts to OEM factory specifications, to avoid leaks.

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Assuming you already have a complete engine, a deluxe engine rebuild kit would contain rings, bearings, gaskets, oil pump, and timing chain.

4.5 Quarts, with replacing the oil filter. Start, check, and top off as needed.

No you dont put any thing on head gaskets, the thing to do is get a surface grind done on the head and the block if needed.

The process of replacing the water pump varies dependig upon the engine size Please post the engine size and will try to provide you with the needed steps

(1) Spark plugs need replacing. (2) Spark plug wires need replacing. (3) Distributor cap needs replacing. (4) Injectors are dirty and need cleaning or replacing (5) Fuel filter needs replacing. (6) Fuel pump needs to be checked.

Assuming the same engine is going back in, you'll need an engine, engine oil and filter, new coolant, new hoses, new thermostat, belts, tune up stuff, new motor mounts (if needed), timing belt (if applicable), Gaskets and seals (as needed),

One gasket that normally comes with the new thermostat.

The removal of a head gasket from a 2005 Nissan Altima is a time consuming process and should be done by qualified and experienced mechanics. It will involve removing the valve covers, heads, and other accessories. In addition to a set of head gaskets, gaskets for the intake manifold and valve covers will be needed. A coolant flush and refill will also be required to complete this job.

There are many gaskets in many different vehicles. More info needed.

A timing chain, that needs to be replaced, can cause your engine to run rough and lose power. A broken timing chain can cause significant engine damage.

Pistons & Rings, bearings-rod/main/cam, gaskets/seals , timing chain, cam/lifters/springs, thermostat, water pump., Resizing connecting rods(would recommend just replacing), new rod bolt/screws if reusing old rods, Oil pump. (Recommend)Replacement/rebuilt distributor if equipped. Check/replace freeze out plugs if needed.

Not to the lens tabs or surrounding trim

Who told you it needed replacing at 25,000 miles as that is simply not true? The truth is that it must be replaced every 60,000 miles. Warning: This is an interference engine. If the belt breaks you will have internal engine damage.

I'm no mechanic, but from what I've read in my Hayne's Repair Manual, a complete engine overhaul involves replacing piston rings, reboring or honning cylinder walls, replacing pistons (if the cylinders are rebored), replacing main and connecting rod bearings, regriding the crankshaft to restore the journals (if needed), and restoring the valves. Rebuilding parts like the starter, distributor, carburetor and alternator while the engine is being overhauled is common to ensure that the entire runs like new but isn't always necessary. Hope that answered your question to your satisfaction! And if you plan on going ahead with an engine overhaul, good luck and have fun!

Had the same problem with mine. It the sensors which needed replacing but mine still went wrong. it was 200 for the 3 sensors but I sold the car as they always went.

Water is needed to stop the engine from overheating.

The car engine needed to be rebuilt.

If you only took of the parts you needed to to get at the water pump then no. When replacing the water pump you do not need to get far enough into the engine to do anything with the timing.

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Oil is just as important to a diesel engine as it is to a petrol engine

You replace the rear engine mount. By not replacing it, you are putting more stress on the other engine mounts and making them more likely to break. When They have broken, your engine falls and you lose it while you are driving down the highway and you wreck your car. An engine mount is easy to replace. that will restore the clearance needed for your gear shift to get back into reverse.

A fuel pump is needed because you need to move fuel from the tank to the engine at the appropriate rate to get the engine to work the way you want it to.

Start with 4.5 quarts, after draining oil and replacing filter. Start engine and run for 2 minutes. Shut off and wait 30 minutes. Check level and add if needed. You now know.

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