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The cost vs. benefit of removing all the existing plaster is more usually the overriding factor. Normally, the plaster would only be removed around fixtures and fittings and, if the waterline tile is not being replaced, a band about 3-4 inches below the tile is removed. This allows the new plaster to transition to these areas without being troweled too thin. The existing plaster should be examined for hollow spots and any delaminated areas removed as well. In preparing the rest of the existing finish for recoating there are several alternatives. In each, the goal is to provide a rough surface for the new plaster to adhere to. Acid etching the plaster with muriatic acid will roughen the finish and using an acrylic boning agent in the new plaster is a common practice. Acid etching however presents the problem of disposing of the used acid. Sand blasting is another means, though it can be as expensive as the replastering itself. A growing trend is to pressure wash the existing plaster and apply a scratchcoat or precoat. Scratchcoat is a modified masonary product that bonds tenaciously with the existing finish and provides a rough finish for the new plaster.

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Q: When replastering a pool is it best to remove all the plaster or leave it?
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Muriatic acid is very dangerous. It can cause lung damage even death. Please read instructions. Yes it can be used to clean the plaster only. It will not remove any hard water (calcium ) deposits on the tile. In fact it's best not to let it linger on the tile and grout because it will etch the tile and remove the grout. Oh it will also remove the plaster if left on too long. It's better to hire a professional. I clean tile for a living but refuse to acid wash pool/spa d/t danger.