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Get the compreesion spec, then aquire a compression leak down kit. Test compression, make sure it is in or close to spec. If compression is fine, try an NGK BR series plug, and clean then adjust the carb to spec. If the engine does not fire, check for spark and fuel flow. If the engine still does not fire, take it to a service pro. If all above systems are fine, then you should have it running in no time.

2007-05-15 17:12:19
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Q: When roll starting my 1997 Suzuki 80 dirt bike bogs down and the engine won't turn is this a carburetor problem ie compression or a piston problem?
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To clean the carburetor on the 1979 Suzuki GS550, it is a good idea to empty the carburetor and remove all fuel lines. Then, replace the float and valve in the carburetor and clean the bowl. Fill the carburetor with fuel and flush several times.Ê

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The stock compression ratio for a Suzuki QUV 620 is 10:3:1. Special spark plugs can increase that compression and the horsepower.

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float valve or float are bad

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The Suzuki Swift produced in the 90's is fuel injected, so there is no carburetor to replace. Your fuel system consists of fuel injectors, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, and fuel pump.

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i wish i new having the same problems