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Come Josaphine in my flying machine.

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Are the front legs of bats adapted flying?

Yes, they help the bats to start flying....I think...

Why did the Titanic sink head first?

the iceberg opened the front 5 compartments and these compartmants start to flood.this made titanic tilt and sank head first.

When can you start flying?

Well you can start flying at age 14, but with a instructor

When did they start to make the Titanic?

they started to make the Titanic in 1909

Which flying insects start with the letter A?

flying ants flying ants

What is a standing start?

A standing start is a type of start in auto racing events, in which cars are stationary when the race begins.

Where did the titanic start its journey?

in England

Where did the Titanic start on its voyage?


What place did the titanic start from?


When did the lifeboats start boarding titanic?

The first boat was launched from Titanic at 12:40 AM.

When did the Titanic start to flood?

the titanic starts to flood as soon as the ships hit the iceberg

How do you start an essay on the Titanic?

Like any other essay, but make it about the titanic. THAT WAS HARD!!!

When was Flying Start - album - created?

Flying Start - album - was created in 1974-11.

How do parrots start to flying?

They ...........................

When did titanic start on its journey?

Titanic set sail from Southampton, UK, on 10 April 1912

Where did the titanic start the jorney?


When did the titanic start being built?


When did they start buliding the titanic?

march 31,1909

What year did the construction of the titanic start?


WHen did the planing for the Titanic start?

2002 a.D

What did the titanic cross to start her voyage?

an isburg

Which country did the titanic start sailing from?


When did Charles Lindbergh start flying?

Lindbergh started flying in 1922.

What actors and actresses appeared in Standing Start - 2007?

The cast of Standing Start - 2007 includes: Iain Agnew

Does anyone have any ideas on how to start a story on the Titanic?

Here is one suggestion to start off a story on the Titanic:All boats could sink, before the Titanic was born. The Titanic was believed never to sink, and that's why I (or your main character's name if writing in 3rd person POV) was going to sail on the Titanic.

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