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It should be almost to the wall. When the tub is in place you'll be installing the drain and overflow. You'll then connect these to a p-trap and all of that will be connected to the roughed in drain. Give yourself a little room to work, and cut the concrete back to give yourself room to get in. You'll do the connecting from the end of the tub, so also make sure you have access. When it's all over, some city building and zoning departments are requiring that you pour concrete to seal off the exposed ground under the drain.

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Q: When roughing in plumbing in a basement bathroom how far from the wall does the drain need to be for a tub?
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Can you build a bathroom or kitchen without any sloap or pitch?

Bathroom or kitchen should be square and level. The plumbing drain lines need slope to drain properly.

What type of drain cleaning equipment would be best suited for a residential bathroom plumbing project?

Kyna-Colt Kinetic Pulse Cleaning System would be best suited for a residential bathroom plumbing project.

What is a pop-up in a plumbing drain system?

The plug in a bathroom sink that you open and close with a rod that is in the faucet.

Do you need a drain in the basement in order to install a home water softener in the basement?

Depends upon the plumbing code in your area.... A traditional ion-exchange water softener does need a "drain line". Typically 10-50 gallons of water are sent to the drain during each regeneration . Depending upon the local plumbing codes this drain could be: - a floor drain - a deep-sink drain (wash basin) - plumed directly into the household sewer drain (typically this installation uses a device called an air-gap)

What causes gurgling in one bathroom when another bathroom is used?

A vent for the drain system may be blocked. A home or building plumbing system must be "free flowing" with a vent to the outside atmosphere - usually through the roof. When water is forced down the drain and the vent for that drain is blocked, air will be pulled from inside the building through another plumbing fixture causing the gurgling sound. The main drain line may also be partially blocked whereas when water is forced down the drain the air in the drain line may be forced back into the building through another plumbing fixture causing the gurgling sound.

Unclog Your Sink With A Plumbing Snake?

Clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom can prove to be a problem. After you have tried liquid drain cleaners with no luck, try a plumbing snake. The snake is inserted into the drain and goes only a certain depth. If there is any kind of clog into the drain, it will either push it through the plumbing system or you can pull the clog out with the snake. Make sure that you are using the end of the plumbing snake that has the small hook on the end so you can easily pull anything out of the drain that may be stuck in it.

How do you identify a sewer gas smell in basement bathroom?

Most likely a drain has dried out and there is no water in the trap to stop the gas from coming up. Sink, shower, or main floor drain.

Can a basement drain be tied into a sink drain?

Heck no as the sink is higher then the basement drain and water does NOT flow up hill BUT it does seek its own level BUT you can connect a sink drain to a basement drain if you properly trap and vent the line

Does the Ontario plumbing code allow a U loop in a vent line for a basement bathroom to get around a heating duct?

No plumbing code allows a loop in a vent line. They must be pitched just like a drain line as there are many conditions where water can be in a vent line, such as rain through a roof vent and condensation. If the "u" were to fill with water it would no longer function as a vent.

Basement Drain Repair?

form_title=Basement Drain Repair form_header=6903 How would you describe the interior channels you need to have repaired?*= () Plastic channels behind baseboard () Channels dug into concrete slab () Covered channels buried in slab () Don't Know How would you best describe the problem?*= () Channels can't handle water volume () Channels not sloped properly to drain () Channels drain to faulty sump pump () Channels are clogged () Bad odors () Requires cleaning/maintenance

Why would the shower drain or bathroom sink faucet make a bubbling noise?

It would make that noise if something was clogging the drain pipe. You can call a local plumber or plumbing business. Hope that Helped!!

What makes bathroom drains smell?

What makes a bathroom drain smell, soap makes a bathroom drain smell

Sewer System Repair?

form_title=Sewer System Repair form_header=11053 What issues are you experiencing with your sewer system?*= [] Clogged plumbing fixture drain [] Basement drain backing up [] Garage drain backing up [] Sewer smells permeate the house [] Other

Can you install a toilet from your washer plumbing in the basement if there is a drain?

If the drain is adequate size, 3inch, then you could.

If you plumb a bathroom into a basement are there anythings that can be done in the drain lines that would prevent backup?

I am facing this same issue with a basement installation and plan to use a backwater swing check valve, available thru McMaster-Carr on the web.

Why would the water drain from the tank but not flush or suck the water down through the toilet bowl when you flush?

Do the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom drain well? If they do not drain well, my guess would be the venting of the plumbing system. If all of the other fixtures in the bathroom drain well, then there is probably something in the trapway of the toilet. Assuming it is just the toilet that is having problems, then a closet auger might do the trick. Hope it helps.

What are plumbing drain vents?

Plumbing drain vents equalize the pressure in drain piping in order to preserve trap seals on plumbing fixtures. Blocked or improperly sized vents can cause traps to dry allowing sewer gases to enter the building.

How do you put a drain in a basement?

Hire a plumber.

Can you cap a plumbing drain you no longer need?


You want to install shower in the basement tying into the main drain for the house should there be some kind of backflow preventer installed between the shower trap and the main line to prevent backup?

If the existing sewer line is lower than basement grade (does it go into the basement floor and out of the house?) you can just connect in to the existing drain. By code, sewer lines must have a slope of 1/4 inch per running foot, meaning that raw sewage will run AWAY from the main plumbing stack of the house. If the sewer line is ABOVE the level of the basement plumbing fixtures, you will need to purchase and install a pump check-valve, and tank to install any plumbing below the house sewer line. If you have any questions, contact a licensed plumber to find out the needs of your home.

Can drano be used in plumbing pipes outside?

You must mean in DRAIN pipes. -It can not be used in plumbing pipes.

When roughing in a toilet what is the correct distance and height for the cold water feed from the center of the drain?

As a general rule, 6" from the center of the drain and 6" from the floor.

What is a basement standpipe and how does it work?

A basement standpipe is an open-ended and watertight pipe inserted in a floor drain to prevent a flooded basement.

How can you cut into your main drain to branch off for another bathroom downstairs?

Downstairs? First floor with a basement or in the basement? If first floor with access in the basement or crawlspace, no real problem. PVC, just cut the pipe and install a T. Cast iron, you can use a Saddle Clamp made for this. Looks like a PVC T split length wise and held to the cast iron with two U bolts. If adding a bath in the basement, you will have to bust out the floor, add the drain and replace the cement.

How do you install a ball check valve in a basement drain?

check at a plumbing supply , for this, [ball check ] i also have had good louck by pushing a Tennis ball in to mine then replacing the top plate. Acts like a stopper,