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Stop doing it, find out what's troubling her.

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Q: When sex giving pain to a girl what to do?
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What are the best ways to have dirty sex?

Your girl giving you head.

How can a fat girl please her man?

by giving him good sex

Does sex cause pain and the girl get unconscious?

of course not. if you get used to it you wont have pain between that you only get the pain at the first time

How do you make sex hurt less for a girl?

Simple - do not have sex with her. If you were married the way you are supposed to be the first time you have sex, things would work much differently and there would be no pain or limited pain.

What causes the pain the next day after sex?

for a girl its just because of the stretching of the vagina

Your girlfriend she is a virgin when you aroused her she feel rapid heart-beat semi-heavy breathing you didnt made sex with her just foreplay after 3 times you made foreplay without sex she feel pain?

well if shes a virgin you must have sex with her she is only felling pain because her body is ready and if you do not have sex then she will continue to feel pain if she continues to feel pain then chances are she maybe wants a girl on girl action all you need to do is just find a girl that is willing to have sex with your girlfriend and heh you never know you might just get double lucky if you know what i mean

Could a girl have been a virgin if she did not bleed and no pain while sex?

Bleeding and pain the first time is a myth, not everyone experience it. You are a virgin if you never had sex before whether you have the hymen intact or not.

How do you know if a girl is a virgin during sex?

Well the first time a girl haves sex it would normally hurt. So if she looks like she's in pain then she might b a virgin

What does it mean if you have pain during intercourse and bleed after?

girl wil feel that her boy friend to be close with her after sex

What is the definition of masochism?

To get excitement from gaining or giving pain.To get pleasure from gaining or giving pain.

Can you get a disease from eating a girls vagina?

Yes, there are a wide range of infections and STD's you can contract by giving a woman oral sex, including HPV which can lead to oral cancers - always practice safer sex by using a dental dam when giving a girl oral sex.

What should be done if a girl cannot tolerate the pain of sex?

Women who cannot have sex without it being painful should see their doctor for an internal exam.

How do you increase your chances of giving birth to a girl?

You don't. The male sperm decides the sex of the child. Final Answer. Sorry.

Does sex hurt guys the first time?

If done properly it dosent hurt the guy or girl If not done properly you scream you rhead of from the pain of the girl and somtimes even the girl

What is sandwitch position in sex?

When there is a guy on the bottom and the top[giving anal on the bottom] with a girl in the middle, enjoying every second of it.

How long inside pain of girl pussy at first time sex?

only tuching movement like lips and checks.

What will happen to a girl when she has sex the first time?

She might bleed a little and feel a little pain but most don't have any of that.

Why do some position hurt during sex?

Some positions hurt during sex if the guy is pretty big compared to the girl. The doggy position can hurt sometimes and so do other positions just because the way you are having sex. A guys penis can push on the girl's insides and cause pain, such as pain in the stomach that follows after sex. For some couples like me and my wife, it is just normal to feel a little pain and achey after sex.

Does sex hurt for the first time for males?

Depends on the girl. If she's a virgin or hasn't had sex for a long time, it's a tight fit for the guy. There is no pain for us whatsoever.

What 20 age of man do the sex 16 age girls?

How age of girl 16 in 20 man of age sex? If you're going to ask a question, write it properly! If you meant what if 20 years old man have sex with 16 years old girl?>> The answer would be the girl will be pregnant and after giving birth the man will be father.

What does it mean to be put on the spit?

when a girl is on all fours giving oral sex to a man and being penetrated from behind by another man.

How do you approach a girl for sex?

How to mentally approach a girl for sex?

Does sex hurt the first time for a girl?

While not a strict rule, some pain the first time or two is pretty typical.

Can you prevent pain during sex?

yes, there are too pain during first time sex with any gal.

What is greater the pain of sex or the pleasure?

sex should not be painful