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When shoud you have your first kiss?

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Well it depends on how many dates you go on with that special person. Ex\ It's my first date with "him\her" and you got to a resturant, when they walk you home and try to kiss you, you have to make sure you know them well enough to kiss them. If you're ready, kiss away, if you want to get to know them better, interupt by asking when you're next date will be.

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What age should kids kiss at?

Personally (another matter of opinion) i think kids should kiss on a date at the age of 13 (teenager and above) I think you shoud kiss someone when you're ready and the other person is ready and after you've agreed to kiss

How old was Naruto when he had his first kiss?

Naruto was twelve when he had his first kiss. His first kiss was an accidental kiss with Sasuke.

When to have your first kiss?

Hey, the truth is that there is absolutely no time frame or appointed moment in life when your first kiss shoud happen. It is easy to get confused with the current trends in which people seem to mindlessly give into sexual actions, but the better thing to do is to wait until you feel truly comfortable with yourself and you partner before you engage in that behaviour.

When you have your first kiss should your boyfriend kiss you or do you kiss him?

It is sought of up to you. when i got my first kiss i made the first move...

Your mom doesn't wont you to kiss a boy and you are 10 years old how shoud ask her?

dont tell and wait till u are 13:-) u want to remember ur first kiss. waiting is good! also with all the herpes that go around... u should think about it:-)

Age for first kiss?

for me it was 15.. there is no specific age for first kiss its when you are ready to kiss someone and when you are will to give that guy your first kiss

What is Naruto's first kiss?

Naruto's first kiss was an accidental kiss with Sasuke.

What was kiss first album?

Kiss - Kiss.

What if your first kiss should it be French kiss or a regular kiss?

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend choose what your first kiss is going to be.

When did Selena Gomez have her first kiss?

her first kiss was on Screen .. her first kiss was on suite life of zack and cody ...

How does Bella react when she and Edward first kiss?

Bella can react to kiss Edward first But she will kiss Jacob first.

What if you kissed a girl that's your sister friend and you don't know if she liked it and wants to go out?

Ask her out and see but you shoud not kiss your sister's friend.

Shoud gambhir be banned for a test?

no gambhir shoud not be banned Watson shoud be banned

First kiss with a boy?

if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop

Facts why William the Conqueror shoud be king?

he is the cousin of edward the first.

If your girlfriend wants to kiss and its your first time how would you kiss or how to kiss?

kiss her softly on the lips, dont go straight for the tongue for the first kiss

When should you have your first kiss and where?

You should have your first kiss at 12 or 13. You can have your first kiss ANYWHERE as long as its a place that you think can be special for your first kiss and if the time is right dont kiss a guy on a first date or anything. And i have a helpful tip for you girls and guys: After you have your first kiss dont run away here is the NUMBER 1 tip to do after your first kiss: SMILE! SMILE BIG! YOU JUST HAD YOUR FIRST KISS YOU BETTER BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! but i hope i helped you :-) and p.s i am 11 andcant wait to have my first kiss!!!!

What year did kiss have their first album out?

Kiss, the first album by the group Kiss, was released in 1974.

How to give a gir her first kiss?

First Kiss? Gently!!!

When was Justin Bieber's first kiss?

He had his first kiss when he was 13.

Did Sterling Beaumon had his first kiss?

Not yet, but he will get his first kiss from me.

When was roc royal first kiss?

His first kiss was in 2008

Should i be nervous for my first kiss?

When should you have your first kiss

Do you save your first kiss for marriage?

no, you save the first kiss forever if it is a good cold kiss! I can;t get enough of the kiss I miss!

Does a kiss on the neck count as your first kiss?

No, it'll have to be the kiss upon your lips that will be the first.As kissing a neck is not actually a real kiss.