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A girl should marry between the age 20 to 25 years. A girl should marry one year after regularly meeting the boy whom she loves.

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Q: When should a girl marry?
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What are the release dates for Should a Girl Marry - 1939?

Should a Girl Marry - 1939 was released on: USA: 8 June 1939

How should you get a relation with girl?

better you marry them

Should I marry a Russian girl or Filipino girl?

Follow your heart.

Should a girl marry a hepatitis b positive boy?

Should a boy marry with a manglik girl?

Well, if he wants to he can.

How should I ask my gf ti marry me?

Before you ask a girl to marry you, you have to date and court her first.

What should a Christian guy do when she marry a Muslim girl?

A nonmuslim man cannot marry a muslim woman

Should a boy be YOUNGER than a girl for marriage?

NO, you should be of legal age to marry that is it.

Can a boy of koundinya gotra marry a girl of vasishta gotra?

Yes, he can marry girl from other gothras. The only thing to keep in mind is boy and girl should not be from same gothra.

Could a white boy marry a Muslim girl?

If I understood well the question, A white boy could marry a Muslim girl on condition that he should be Muslim.

Should it matter if you marry a white guy if you are a black girl?

not at all

Why Should you marry the girl who has accepted that she is not virgin?

If you love her than her not being a virgin should not be an issue.

When you ask your girl to marry you what should you say?

Will you marry me? You're my everything, I love you so much. You fill my heart with joy!

Can a kshatriya girl marry naidu boy?

according to manusmriti it should not be done

Who do you think makes the decsion for when the girl want to marry?

It should be a mutual decision

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No u should not as they have never encounmtered sexual intercourse and she might be riddled

How does a girl ask a guy to marry her?

Marry me! Marry me! Marry me! Sweetly.

Which sex should marry a shemale?

A shemale (the proper name is Hermaphrodite) should marry a girl. A shemale is actually a Man that has been semi-transformed into a woman. This means he has had breast implants and has not removed his testicles. So this concludes that shemales should marry girls unless the shemale was originally a girl and has a functional penis and vagina.

If you are a Tamil boy who loves a Hindi girl and want to marry her should you convert to Hindi to marry her?

surely u hav to convert

Your penis size is 4 inches can you marry?

You can marry someone if you've got a 1 inch penis. A girl should marry you cause she loves you not for your penis size.

Who would zayn marry if he was a girl?

Zayn would marry a great guy if he were a girl no name is need if he would marry a guy if he were a girl.

Can you get a Muslim girl for marriage?

Yes, you can but you should be a Muslim man; per Islam rules; to entitled to marry a Muslim girl.

Your girl is Muslim and you are Indian how to go on?

To be Indian is fine but you should be a Muslim (or should convert to Islam) to be entitled per Islam rules to marry the Muslim girl.

What should a girl do when she love a boy but cant marry?

best thing to do is just stay with him

What should you do to marry your belizeian girl friend in America?

You need special legal papers.