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Swollen neck "glands" are usually not true glands, but lymph nodes, part of the bodies "filtration" system and immune system for fighting infections and dealing with many different threats to the body. The can sometimes remain swollen for many weeks after infections or occasionally for unknown reasons. If the lymph node is continuing become more swollen or remains significantly swollen over more than 5 or 6 weeks, the cause may be serious (even with no associated discomfort) or not, but the safest way to rule out most serious problems may be to surgically remove the lymph node and send it for study by a laboratory and also to send some blood tests. Those tests may include a blood cell count and HIV testing. If the lymph node is slowly becoming smaller over several weeks, that is usually, but not always, a sign that the cause is not serious. The question is a bit unclear as to timing of the events, but if a lymph node was swollen and then became smaller or normal size over several weeks, and then there occurred a throat infection, treated by an antibiotic, it does not seem likely that there is any connection between those very common events.

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Q: When should an unpainful swollen neck gland go down after bloodwork is fine and a month later you got a sinus infection treated by antibiotics?
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Your English bulldog is prengant and her vuvla is swollen and she has a n infection what mecidnine or cream can you use?

Antibiotics. Take her to a vet.

If you have a cut on your finger and then get pricked by a tree with thorns and it becomes VERY swollen what can you do for it?

First, you have an allergy and probably an infection. You can take allergy medicine and you can put something like iodine on it. You are trying to clean out the infection. Then if it does not start going down you can get antibiotics. Depending on what you mean by very swollen, you can skip the allergy medicine and iodine step and go for the antibiotics.

Can amoxicillin work for swollen tonsils or sore throat?

Only if the swollen tonsils and sore throat are caused by a bacterial infection. Antibiotics (such as Amoxicillin) can not and will not have any effect whatsoever on viral infections. This is why people cannot and should not treat themselves with antibiotics. Get an accurate diagnosis from a doctor.

What treatments are available for paronychia?

The infection displays itself in forms of swollen or tender skin around the nail. Antibiotics will cure the bacterial infection, but fungal infections will need antifungal creams or tablets such as Terbinafine.

What could a large 5cm swollen lymph node be on one side of your neck if you've had it for about 2 months after major oral surgery with steriods and antibiotics?

You should be going back to your doctor about this. The steroids may be preventing the body fighting infection so the antibiotics may not have worked and you still have an infection.

Could swollen lymph nodes indicate infection?

Yes, swollen lymph nodes could be a symptom of infection.

If you have a tooth infection and have been taking antibiotics for a day is it normal for it to still be swollen?

Yes, but if it doesn't get better in another two or three days, call your doctor and let them know.

How long does it take to get rid of swollen glands in your neck?

The time in which it takes to rid swollen glands can depend upon the bacteria that caused the sickness. A virus will most likely go away on it's own, within a week to 10 days. If it is a bacterial infection, antibiotics may be necessary in order to clear the infection completely.

Is a red swollen eye with purulent exudate and infection or inflammation?


What kind of infection cause swollen lymph nodes?

throat infection.

Do antibiotics cause swollen vaginal lips?

yes somtimes

How can you tell a rabbit has an eye infection or a swollen eye?

I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUR QUESTION. An eye infection is obvious, it is swollen, red, and pus filled. This is usually caused by a viral infection.

What would cause a Sore throat with swollen uvula?

You may be describing Quinke's disease (also called uvular hydrops), an infection of the uvula which can be very irritating and painful. This is treated with antibiotics.

Should the parakeet's cere be swollen?

If it is to swollen it might have an infection otherwise it should be fine

What does it mean when your gums are swollen?

You have a infection in your mouth

Is it possible to have only one gland to swell?

Yes. It is possible for only one of your glands to be swollen. Lymph nodes typically swell nearest to a body infection, so there may be a minor infection wherever it is swollen or if you have been sick recently. Even acne can create a swollen gland near the face or under the chin. However, if the gland is hard and really painful- you need to get it checked out by your doctor. This usually means that your glands are having trouble fighting the infection and need the aid of antibiotics or other treatment.

Why do i have a swollen ear after a cold?

You might have a swollen ear after a cold because you have an ear infection. You might also have swollen lymph nodes that make the ear appear swollen.

Swollen leg and rash?

The swollen leg and a rash maybe a sign of cellulitis. Gram staining should be done and antibiotics will be given.

Lip piercing swollen?

Take some Ibuprofen for swelling and pain. If you have severe redness, severe swelling, and/or a yellow or greenish discharge that smells bad, see a doctor for antibiotics because infection is possible.

If you have a lump next to your ear that is a little sore even if it is not touched almost like a bruise should you see a doctor?

its a swollen lymph glad. it feels really sore for a while but will go away in a few days/wks. Antibiotics might help if its swollen from an infection (such as infected earrings).

What are some Causes of swollen lymph nodes in dogs?

I just came from the vet scheduled because of my dogs swollen lymph nodes. The vet believes it to be either an infection or lymphoma (cancer). Make an appointment with your vet. They will most likely prescribe antibotics to eliminate any infections. If after antibiotics if the lymph nodes are still swollen they will perform a biopsy. Best wishes.

Can swollen lymph nodes indicate infection?


Is swollen vagina a sign of pregnancy?

No, that is a sign of an infection.

Why is it swollen behind your ears?

because you have a ear infection.

Are swollen lymph glands a sign of infection?