When should birthing classes be started?

Actually, it's best to think about when is the best time to finish your classes! Aim for a class that finishes about a month before your due date. This allows you a few weeks in case you are early, but not too much time ahead that you will forget everything you have learnt! Most antenatal teachers will cover information about birthing early on in the course, so that if you go into early labour you will at least have labour information already.

Birthing classes are a great way to prepare for birth and parenting! They lessen any fears, allow you to talk with other people in the same position as you, and give you lots of information about your options for birthing and early parenting. Choose classes that fit with your personal philosophy about birth, and if possible - speak to the educator before you book in - it's a good way to check if you are going to 'gel' with them - important if you want to be comfortable asking questions!

Best wishes for your upcoming 'birth-day'!