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Every day they should wear deodorant . When you take a shower and when you

Go out side

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Q: When should girls start wearing deodorant?
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When should boys start wearing deodorant?

The average male should start wearing deodorant about age 13 or 14. Or when puberty hits

When should you start wearing deodorant?

about 9 and up

What age should girls start wearing thongs?

I think girls should start wearing thongs when they are 13 or older

When should girls wear deoderent?

Females should start to use deodorant when their pits start to sweat.

What should you do when you go to middle school?

Remember to wear clean underwear everyday and to start wearing deodorant.

What a should a girl start wearing deodorant?

There's no specific age when a girl should start wearing deodorant, everyone is different so develops differently - although not everyone always needs to use deodorant, many teens do need deodorant and/or antiperspirant due to increased sweating during puberty. Generally speaking once a girl goes into puberty - between ages 10-13 - it's a good idea for her to start getting into the habit of improving her grooming and using items like deodorant.

What age should girls start wearing nylons?

There is no age when girls should start wearing nylons. What a girl/woman wears is up to her, and there are no age restrictions on clothing, least of all nylons.

What age should girls be when they start wearing contact lenses?

should be 15 and older

At what age do you start using deodorant?

About 9 for boys and girls

What age do you start using deodorant?

About 9 for boys and girls

When should girls start wearing deodrant?

In 6th grade, when 11, or 12

When do you get deodorant?

The best time to start wearing deodorant is at the beginning of puberty. If you have any pubic hair, it would be a good idea to start. Get a stick deodorant, not a spray. Spray deodorant is useless and usually needs to be re applied sometimes. Most boys start wearing it around 12 or 13, when they usually start puberty. If you are in a sport, or overweight, you may prefer an anti perspirant, which will prevent you from sweating in your armpits.

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