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When the pulsate or are pitted enough to reduce the surface area contact between the pads and the rotor. However the rear rotors on these are also served as a drum for the parking brake. Should there be a problem in the parking brake, and rotor removal is required, you may need to replace them then. Removing thse can sometimes be a real #$%R#$%!@#!. They can be damaged while removing them as there is no alternative. As far as cost goes... The cost of replacing a part is a very general question that unless specified exactly is hard to answer. First, is who is replacing the part? Is the Dealer, an independent repair shop, a junkyard, the guy next door or you doing the replacement. These will all yield different prices. Not to mention that within all of these will be different labor rates and different part price mark ups. Second, what is the quality of the part? Is it a name brand, generic (white box, economy), OEM or used part? All of these will be different. Price will even differ between name brands, sometimes significantly. Thirdly, What is the warranty of the part and who is offering the warranty (the shop the parts house or the manufacturer). Limited Lifetime will have restrictions. Lifetime warranty isn

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Q: When should the rear rotors be replaced on a 2002 Ford Explorer And how much should it cost?
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How do you replace brake rotors on 2002 ford explorer?

Hire a mechanic!

How much should it cost to have rear brakes replaced on ford explorer 2002?

Depends - simply replacing pads? replacing pads and machining rotors? replacing pads and rotors? repairing any other brake issues as well? But how much it "should" cost and the actual cost may vary. Shop around, but you'll probably get a typical price range rather than an exact price.

What is the average cost of repairing automatic transmission for 2004 Ford Explorer?

we recently replaced our transmission on a 2002 explorer for $2400

How do you turn rotors on a 2002 4x4 Ford Explorer?

TTake them off and take them to a parts store that has a rotor turning machine.

How do you replace front rotors on a 2002 acura 3.2TL?

can you cut the rotors on a 2002 acura

How much should Front Brake Pads and Rotors cost including LaborFor a 2002 Chevy Prism?

I just replaced mine (DIY) for $89 with tax, so that's without labor.

Will 2004 Ford Explorer doors fit 2002 explorer?

Yes, it should fit.

Diagram of 2004 Ford Explorer six way power seat?

has anyone replaced seats in a 2002 explorer with seats from a 2004 explorer what the proceedure for electronics air bags seat operations

Your 2002 ford explorer is stuck in 4 wheel drive you replaced the module and 4x4 motor?

no and no

How do you change rear rotors on explorer 2002 4x4?

Pretty simple, Remove the tires, remove the break caliper, pull off the rotor and replace. You should use new break pads when ever changing the rotor on any car.

What should the highway mpg be for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Check out

How do you replaace the rotors from a 2002 Xterra?

2003 Nissan xterra supercharged replace front rotors

What temperature should a 2002 explorer theromstat be?

A 2002 Ford Explorer, 4.0 , would have come from the factory with around a 192 * Fahrenheit engine cooling thermostat

How long will a replaced 2002 ford explorer transmission last?

Impossible to say. If it was totally rebuilt and done correctly, with proper service it should last as long as a new one. If it is a used transmission, who knows.

Where are the fuses for the windows on the 2002 Ford Explorer LT?

it should be in your owners manual

Do 22 inch rims fit a 2002 through 2007 Ford Explorer?

Most 22 in rims should fit an Explorer

How do you change the front brake rotors on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

You will need to remove the front tire and wheels from your 2002 Jeep liberty. Remove the brake pads and break assembly. Tap the rotors with a hammer or mallet. The rotors will come off. Reverse the process to install the new rotors.

2002 Toyota siena problem with brakes when i apply the brakes it feels like the wheels are shaking?

Answer: Most likely warped rotors. This can be eliminated by either having the current rotors machined or replaced (or both if manufacture recommends it). Visit your local dealer or brake specialist.

When should you replace timing belt on 2002 sienna?

It should be replaced every 90,000 miles.

Minimum thickness for 2002 Ford Ranger front brake rotors?

The minimum thickness number should be cast into the rotor.

How many speakers does a 2002 explorer have?

How many speakers does a ford explorer xlt 2002 have

How many valves does the 2002 Ford Explorer have?

The 2002 Ford Explorer has 12 valves.

What size engine does the 2002 Ford Explorer have?

The 2002 Ford Explorer has a V6 engine.

Where can you buy a keyless entry system for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

were is valve from ford explorer 2002 eng 4.0 were is valve from ford explorer 2002 eng 4.0

Will a 2000 explorer xlt v6 fit in a 2002 explorer xlt v6?

Yes. The 2000 explorer xlt v6 will fit in a 2002 explorer xlt v6.

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