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If you think a baby shower will be held, you should definitely hold off on buying some things, including some larger items, in case you have very generous family or friends. But if you have definite preferences for certain brands/models of car seat, stroller, etc, you may want to either let relatives know this in advance, or maybe register at a baby store in your area.

A car seat is definitely needed before you come home from the hospital, I know some people drove around with them in the car for a few weeks (with a stuffed animal strapped in) before the baby was due to get used to putting someone/thing into the seat each time they got in and getting the item/baby out each time they got out.

Many hospitals will not even allow the infant to leave the hospital unless they vehicle they are traveling in (and the driver they're traveling with) has the proper infant car seat, properly strapped in. For coming home from the hospital (and for about 6 months, depending how quickly your baby grows), you need a NEWBORN, rear facing, harness car seat. The newborn car seats are those that tilt back and the baby is more in a lying position than sitting up. Even those car seats that are mostly sitting up and claim that they are for newborns are not the type of car seats the hospital staff will be looking for. I would also recommend getting a headrest for your newborn, as it will help to sturdy the newborn's head when placed into the car seat. The newborn is still so small in this car seat that it's poor little head can just flop around (plus he has no real support to rest it unless it's bent all the way down onto his shoulder). The head rest looks like an upside down U-shaped pillow, with backing fabric so that it too can be strapped into the car seat, and they are fairly cheap (less than $10).

You definitely want one of those infant car seat/carrier things. We had purchased two car seats that said on the box they were for infancy to toddlerhood (30 lbs?). Forget it. They didn't tilt back enough for a newborn.

If this your first baby consider if the newly pending grandparents are likely to spring for big ticket items ... also see if somebody will lend you one -- e.g. our cot has been used by 15 babies so far.

You are going to need a car seat from the day your child is born until he/she is around 8-12 years old.

Do NOT purchase a used seat. They have unknown history, and could fail in a crash.

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Q: When should you buy a car seat?
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Which convertible car seat should I buy?

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat has good reviews online, it can fit both babies when used as a rear-facing car seat, and toddlers when used as a front-facing car seat.

Where should a car seat be put?

An infant or car seat should never be put in a front passenger seat that has an air bag

Car Seat?

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Infant Car Seat?

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Where would I buy a doll car seat?

Toys "R" Us should be your first choice to find a doll car seat. Not only do they carry a variety of car seats but they sell many accessories as well.

What direction should a baby car seat face when in the back seat of a car?

facing the backrest of the seat it is on

When should you install the car seat?

You should install the car seat several months prior to the birth of your child.

Can I buy custom seat covers for my car or all seat covers universal?

I am assuming you are talking about the design and yes you can buy custom seat covers for your car. The universal part you are talking about just means the fit will almost fit any car seat.

Where can a person buy a sunshine kids car seat?

There are a lot of places in order for one to purchase a sunshine kids car seat. However, it is recommended that one should order from the website Amazon.

Should I buy a Graco car seat?

Graco car seat prices range from $50 to $150. It depends on where you buy them from. You can purchase them directly from Graco or get them at a store like Babies R Us. Overall, Graco appears to be a safe car seat, but like all companies they do have occasional recalls. You can be placed on a mailing list to be on the safe side.

Where can a Britax convertible car seat be bought?

One can purchase a Britax convertible car seat on websites such as Amazon and Britax. They are also available on eBay, Seat, Babble, Baby Age or Buy Buy Baby.

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a car?

All car seats should be installed in the back seat. State laws vary some, but most require all children under the age of 11 to ride in a rear seat of a car. No child in a car seat should be placed in a seat with an active airbag. It jeopardizes the child's life. Children are safest in a car seat, in the second or third row of a car, properly secured.

Is it true that you should not use an infant car seat more than 5 years old?

it is true that you should not use an infants car seat if they are over five they should then be moved on to a booster seat .

How long should a baby use a car seat?

A child should use a car seat until they are ready for a booster seat you will know when its basically like clothes they will outgrow it. they should be in the booster seat until they are 4 foot 9.

How much is a car seat stroller?

Car seat strollers' prices vary, depending on where you get them. They generally range from around $50 to $300 (again, all depending on where you choose to buy the car seat stroller).

Will a car seat fit in the backseat of an extended cab F150?

Depending on the size of the car seat, it should be able to fit in the extended cab part of a Ford F-150. If the car seat is rear facing, the front seat may have to be adjusted/ moved forward to allow the car seat to rest on the back portion of the front seats. If the car seat is front facing, there should not be an issue.

Can you put a car seat in a van?

If you are talking about a child's car seat the answer is yes. Just make sure the car seat is installed in the rear of the van. Children should never ride in the front seat.

What safety precautions should one take when transporting their baby by car?

When transporting a baby in a car one must always have a current model car seat. It is recommended that your car seat be installed by professionals at your local dealership. A child seat must never be installed in the front seat. If your car has rear airbags the seat should be installed in the middle of the vehicle seat to avoid injury in case of an accident.

How long should it take a pro to fix a broken car seat?

It takes a pro to fix a broken car seat in about two days. That should be the average time you should be without your car. They should have the parts in their shop already and not have to order them.

How can I install a car seat in a 2002 Mazda 626?

The car seat should have directions on the basic install on the seat and in the directions. Local fire departments inspect car seats and will help get it in correctly.

Where can one purchase custom car seat covers?

The best place to purchase custom car seat covers is the same place where you purchased your car or the nearest car shop. They will have custom car seat covers that fit. You can also try to buy them online on vendor sites or sites of car shops.

What is the best baby car seat I can buy?

The best car seat on the market is a seat that fits the baby you don't want one to small or to big. Another important feature is on that can install easy. A brand that I prefer is Graco Car Seats.

What are car seat safety tips people with children should keep in mind?

Using a car seat for your children is the best way to protect your child in a car. If your child is under two years old, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend your child should ride the car rear facing. Make sure the person fastened the safety seat belt of the child in the car seat before driving the car. Always check the car seat labels for weight and height restrictions.

How much do you have to way to sit in a front seat of a car in Florida?

You should probably be at least 80 lbs. to ride in the front seat of a car.

Why should children be out in a car seat?

because they'll die!