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When you find out you are going to have a baby pick out a couple boy names and a couple girl names. Make your decision when you find out if it is a boy or girl.

Maternal instinct is very root instinct among all. Whenever the couple ,specially mom gets positive pregnency test, they start thinking about the name of baby. At initial stage sex of baby is not known ,(in many countries sex determination test is banned like India) therefore couple decide the name of baby in both cases. Like girl will be Milly or boy would be Om or so on.

Girl Boy

____ ____

Madlen, Alexander

Veronica, Oliver

Zoey, Perry

Miley, Gordan

Vanessa, Andrew

Abigail, Amjad

Skye, Tanner

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Whaen should you choose your baby's name?

You should choose your babies name when you and the other parent agree on one, and when you figure out the sex of it. usually you start thinking of name when you know the gender of the babby. but also its nice if you give yourselfs some good ideas for names and then when the babys born decide which one best fits the baby

What is a basket name?

It means a child name, or babys name.

In the process of a divorce I am pregnant does the father have the right to say what the babys first and middle name should be?

I have the right to say what the name should be...doesn't mean I have the right to force you to write that name on the birth certificate.

Do Jews believe that the aunt should choose the baby's name?

No. The parents always have the right to choose their child's name.

What name should you have for roblox?

You choose. Use your imagination.

What is nick groff babys name?

Nick's baby's name is Annabelle (:

Is the rabbit loseing the babys?

you should be more specific

Should you crack a babys toes?

No, you should not purposely crack a baby's toes.

What is the royal babys name?

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Why do christians choose a babys name from the Bible?

This is often because these names have either good meanings or good associations in terms of the character in the Bible. They want good examples and associations for their children.

What is raven Symone's babys name?

raven symone's baby's name is makayla.

What is snooki's babies name?

Snooki's babys name is Lorenzo Dominic LaValle

What is the babys name from mr incredible?

The baby's name is Jack-Jack Parr .

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The baby is called Sweet Pea

What did rave name her babys?


What is kim Rhodes babys name?

She named it Tabitha Jane.

What is Selena gomezs babys name?

Selena gomez does not have a baby

What should i name my youtube fan base if my name is Flimsey with an e?

You could choose a name based on your name (perhaps some variation); or you could choose a name based on the purpose of the channel. Or some combination.

What is the new Duncan babys name?

The new duncan baby's name is Toby. He is a boy.

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