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There isn't a standard time frame. I'm assuming that by "sick" you mean vomiting. Once you are no longer feeling the urge you should start attempting to drink fluids. Start with Gatorade (or some other type of electrolyte replacement). You want to make sure to rehydrate yourself or else you will become more sick. Once you have kept the fluids down for approximately a couple of hours then begin eating things like crackers. Once you have kept that down for approximately a couple of hours then progress as tolerated. Like I said, there's no standard time frame. You just have to work your way back up to solid foods as tolerated. I would also suggest that you keep the foods you are consuming during the next couple of days limited to bland foods. I hope this helps!

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What should a teenager eat after being sick?

chicken noodle soup or crackers

How do you have sick dog to eat?

First of all, treat it of its disease. Being sick it won't eat.

What should you eat the day after being sick as in vomiting diarrhea and fever?

Soup and drink plenty of liquids

What are the statistics of bulimia?

being sick after you eat!

What should you eat when you have a sore stomach?

what should i eat because i am felling sick

What should you eat if you are sick and throwing up?

Well technically you shouldn'tt be eating whilst vomiting that's just plain silly so if your being sick continuously like if you have bulimia you must see a doctor but if your being sick just by eating some food overdue you should wait until your perkier than eat but before drink some water but not too much or you will be sick again but this time watery sick.

Should you eat bread when you are sick?

when you feel sick you should eat yogurt, bread, rice, chicken soup,Hot tea and honey.

What should kids eat that are sick?

They should eat hot chicken noodle soup

How do you stop being sick?

when you are sick eat toast every 2 hours and stand on the roof.

What should I eat if you are sick?

arsenic :) just kidding

Why do we shake when your hungry or sick?

Maybe you should eat.

Will your guinea pigs get sick if they eat cheerios?

guinea pigs should not eat human food! it will more than likleymake them sick.

Why should an imam visit the sick?

It is the duty of every Muslim to visit the sick and is one of the criteria of being a good human being. If this person happens to be an Imam, then he also should visit the sick.

Why should you not eat moldy fruit?

it could make you sick

Should a dog eat clocolate?

No it can and will make them very sick

Should you clean your teeth after being sick?


What candy should you eat if you have a stomach ache?

If you are sick you should probably not eat any candy. It isn't that great for you when you are healthy.

Should dogs eat dog food?

Yes, unless they are sick where they refuse to eat their food.

What is the difference between allergies and being sick?

Being exposed to something your allergic to can potentially cause you to be sick. Being sick is your body's way of slowing down your cognitive functions, so that it can focus on getting rid of the thing that is making you sick.Example: If you are allergic to peanuts, and you eat one, there is a high chance that you will be sick.

What happens if you eat moldy salsa?

You might get sick.

Why does my dog not eat anything we give him so that he keeps being sick?

P.S. Hes called rio

Your dog refuses to eat drink or get out of bed Is it sick?

Usually this means your pet is sick- any pet who refuses to eat or get properly hydrated is probably sick. You should take it to the vet for a check up immediately. In the meantime, you should try to feed your pet.

What should you eat if your sick?

you should eat foods like soup and eggs because they are light foods and you should drink water but not too much. as you get better and recover from your sick bug you could start to eat products like pasta and fish which will help you get back on your feet quicker!

How much seafood should a turtle eat?

a turtle should eat as much seafood as a turtle can but not so much seafood that the turtle is sick

What makes a mule sick?

being in the rain to long and eat thing other then what its sopost to.

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