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When should you get a tuneup for a Ford Escort?

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What year? What motor? if it has 50,000 miles plus and your unsure of the last tuneup you should replace plugs, wires cap, rotor (unless its distributorless) fuel filter, air filter pcv valve, air box and/ or valve cover breather a haynes/ chilton manual will detail all of this even the O2 sensor (oxygen sensor located on the exhaust manifold) According to my knowledge, you should do a tuneup every 12 months.

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Where is the horn on a 1989 Ford Escort?

on the 89 ford escort it should be on right hand wheel well.

Will a 1998 Ford Escort zx2 automatic transmission work on a 2000 Ford Escort zx2?

It should.

2003 Ford Escort trans work in 1998 Ford Escort?

As long as the motors are the same you should be good.

What engine oil should you use for a 1997 ford escort?

The 97 Escort should have 5-30 oil.

What Ford car is the successor to the escort?

The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus. The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus. The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus.

Is the bumper of a 1995 Ford Escort hatchback compatible with a 1995 Ford Escort lx coupe?

The bumpers should be compatible between the two.

Will interior of a 86 Ford Escort fit a 93 Ford Escort?

NO. An 86 Escort is a 1st generation Escort and a 93 Escort is a 2nd generation.

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Will a transmission from a 1997 Ford Escort fit a 1996 Ford Escort?

No. The 97 is a third generation escort and the 96 is a second generation escort.

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Where is the computer located in a 1996 Ford escort?

Where is the computer located in a Ford Escort?

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What engine fit into a 1995 ford escort?

i have a 1992 ford escort lx 1.9l. will a 1995 ford escort engine fit. and what would have to replace.

Is there a Cadillac escort?

NO!! ford made the escort

What is the cost of a tuneup for a 2008 ford escape v6?


Can you swap a 1995 Ford Escort transmission into a 1999 Ford Escort?

No. The 99 Escort takes a 97 to 02 transmission.

How to fix Ford Escort washer pump?

Replace? It should be at the bottom of the reservoir

What weight oil should you use in a 1999 ford escort?

5w30 is recommended.

What should one pay for a 1998 ford escort with 130000 miles?

Not much.

Where is the modulator in a 1998 ford escort?

It should be behind the engine fuse box.

Should there be a locking nut on drive shaft of ford escort 1600?


What rpm should engine be at in a idle on a ford escort zx2?

750 rpm