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Kittens must be at least 12 weeks old to be separated from their mother. The should not be taken away any earlier.

'The mother's 'milk contains a fatty acid called DHA. This makes up a large portion of the brain. It encourages healthy mental and emotional development as well as healthy vision. Kitten foods don't contain as much DHA as mama's milk.' So it is VERY Important they stay with their mother till 8-12weeks.

Also, when giving away a kitten or any pet for that matter; Provide information about That type of animal, to the New owner. (a brochure, a list, a website..) Any stranger can take an animal & not understand it's needs and such.

Such as: (Needs, How they behave, what's normal & what is not, what may be poisonous to them..etc.)

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Q: When should you give away a kitten after the cat gives birth?
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How old can you take a kitten away from it's litter if the mother passed away after the birth?

Well it depends on if the kitten has milk the kittens need milk until they are 4 months

What should you feed your kitten if she is not old enough to be away from her mother?

Well, you should feed it 0% milk. It may not have developed to regular milk since it was seperated at birth, or you could feed it goat, or cow milk.

What episode is when Nicole gives birth to her son on home and away?


Can you take a kitten from its mother and take it back if not ready to be away from its mother?

Well if you know that the kitten is too young to be taken away from its mother, then why would you do it? To answer the question, yes. Kittens should not leave their mother until 12 weeks old, so if your kitten is younger than this, you can (and should!) take it back for a few weeks. A good breeder shouldn't have a problem with this, and it will not cause harm to the kitten or the mother. Just keep the kitten with its mom until you are sure that it is ready.

Does a male guinea pig kill babies?

Male guinea pigs don't normally kill the babies. They should be moved out before the female gives birth, though, as they can make the female pregnant again straight away, immediately after she gives birth.

At what age should a newborn kitten be adopted?

An neaborn kitten shouldnt be takenn away from its mother or father untill iits at least 8/9 week old!

Who raises the young ants?

The Queen ant gives birth to many ants and gives her children away to females.

How do you know when a newborn kitten is dead?

You will know when a newborn kitten is dead when the kitten is no longer breathing. The kitten will need to be taken away from the mother and disposed of.

How can you train your kitten not to bite?

when your kitten bits you walk away from him and then reward him when he is calm

When a hamster gives birth do you always have to give the babies away?

No, it's your choice.

What do you do when your kitten sprains its thumb?

Cats don't actually have thumbs, but you SHOULD take it to the vet right away.

Can you take kittens to a party?

NO YOU CAN'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY! The kitten will freak out and might run away or get hurt. DON'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY!!! Let your kitten stay at your house for a while, but the only other place a kitten should go is the vet. Cats don't like to go places. They're not dogs!

Can a kitten see right away?

No they can not.

How old does a kitten have to be in order to give it away?

A kitten should be fully weaned before removed from its mother. Usually it's a general rule not to remove a kitten from its mom before 12 weeks of age, although weaning may begin weeks earlier.

Can they have one kitten and not have the rest right away?


How do you get your kitten not to eat your chickens?

Keep Your chickens and kitten away from each other if ur kitten goes outside put ur chickens in a huge pen thats secure

Your 6 week old kitten isn't easting anything what should you do?

Im not sure exactly why but you need to take it to the vet right away!!

Should put female kitten in one room after 4 months away from male kitten?

Unless they are fixed. You don't want them to have more kitties unless you are responsible enough to find them good homes. Hoarding is not good for cats.

When do you give away a newborn kitten?

At 12 weeks old.

What can you do when a kitten has gue in its eye?

Take the kitten to a vet and have him diagnose it, and use the prescription. If not, buy eyedrops for cats and give them to him as reccomended. If the kitten his seeming hostile or antisocial, you should get him seen by a vet right away. Those are signs of infection. It's a good idea to see a vet anyway if you'll do eyedrops yourself.

What do you give a constipated kitten?

When a kitten is constipated, stay away from any dairy products and dry cat food. Canned food and a lot of water can be given to help the kitten pass stool.

What to do when momma cat abandons baby?

You need to remove the kitten before she kills it. If you can't keep the kitten, you need to take her to the vet or to someone who can care for a kitten that is too small to be away from the mother.

After the female Guppy gives birth does the gravid spot go away?

No, the gravid spot doesn't go away. You can see the gravid spot in very young female guppy fry, almost from birth, if you look with a light behind the fish.

Should you remove the sac from a newborn kitten?

The mother cat will bite, chew, and eat the sac. If she takes too long, break the sac away from the kitten's face. But otherwise, let her finish doing it. Her licking stimulates the kitten to breathe. IF mother is in distress, grab a rag, hold the kitten inside the rag using both hands and vigorously rub to remove the sac and stimulate the kitten to breathe--then take mom and ALL kittens to the vet.

Is it bad that you take a kitten away before 4 weeks?

Yes,The kitten needs milk from it's mother in order to have proper nutrition.