When should you leave when you have an alcoholic husband who will not get help and you can not take it anymore?

The question isn't when do you leave, but why are you still there? I am personally biased against alcohol and alcoholics, because it is a totally self-inflicted wound, but there is no law that I am aware of that says you or anyone else has to share the same disgusting space as an alcoholic, especially one who, as he will not get help, probably whines self-piteously all day and asks who is going to help him and why don't you help him. Do you have a court order that says you have to live like this? No. Did you get a message from God saying you had offended him and so your punishment was to live the rest of your human existence in this misery? No Do you have the right to a basic, clean, human existence on your own to rebuild you life, friends and family? I'd say so. What, are you still there? Do you need to borrow a suitcase or something? Go, go go. Phil