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The question isn't when do you leave, but why are you still there? I am personally biased against alcohol and alcoholics, because it is a totally self-inflicted wound, but there is no law that I am aware of that says you or anyone else has to share the same disgusting space as an alcoholic, especially one who, as he will not get help, probably whines self-piteously all day and asks who is going to help him and why don't you help him. Do you have a court order that says you have to live like this? No. Did you get a message from God saying you had offended him and so your punishment was to live the rest of your human existence in this misery? No Do you have the right to a basic, clean, human existence on your own to rebuild you life, friends and family? I'd say so. What, are you still there? Do you need to borrow a suitcase or something? Go, go go. Phil


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Then let him leave u! Oviously he doesn't want u anymore! Don't argue! Then let him leave u! Oviously he doesn't want u anymore! Don't argue!

no! what is your husband doing to make you want to leave!

Discuss it with your husband to decide if brother should be asked to leave; or if you are somewhere other than your home, if you and your husband should leave. No one has the right to interfere with your relationship with your husband (other than an abusive situation).

Well, it depends why you are not happy. If he is abusive then yes, you should leave him but if it's a couple of fights that can be resolved then no.

Sulk back to him or leave the house and count to ten

no she should not leave her husband over drugs and him lieing him but maybe they should separate for a little while and figure out things. but to be really honest she should do what's best for the relationship. and get him in a rehab center only if he wont's to.

Alcohol and drug abuse are both serious reasons for terminating a relationship. If you care about him, you need to let him know that his behavior is destructive. You can't force him to clean up, but you can stop being the enabler. Don't let him drag YOU AND YOUR KIDS down. Get out of there.

you should leave him when he starts to abuse you. or cheat on you. or you just dont feel it is right anymore, and feel like you are not as attracted to each other. when you have nothing left x

Leave! If he doesn't like you anymore, that he isn't the one for u! Leave! If he doesn't like you anymore, that he isn't the one for u!

Immediately. Reach out to a close friend or relative for help, and leave as soon as you can.

He should be arrested, if your being abused call the police.Than pack your things and leave!

When you get married and if your husband is a kind and good person then your husband should come first and then your family. The Bible says to put God first then your husband and your children last they are to leave your home and be on their own

Yes, you could get into legal trouble if you have a baby together and do not tell your husband where you are. If your husband does not abuse you or control you or harm you in any way he does deserve to be part of your child's life so seek legal counsel and get joint custody as long as your husband is not into drugs; a gang; an alcoholic and would be considered a fit father to the child.

No reason not to leave him. My ex-sister-in-law did that to my brother & mom. If you absolutely can't take it any more just leave.

Talk to her about your views that you want this. She might agree upon that and leave her husband. It depends on her and it is her take on this.

not necessarily it depends on Will's, contracts, debts and legal papers if it's in a will to leave processions to kids then it should happen depending on whether or not they were gifts and if the husband testifies the will you should contact a solicitor or lawer

when you feel like your partner doesn't love you anymore and you feel like leaving him, you should confront him first or else, when you leave him and the truth was he loved you then that sucks before deciding,,, think first, do you think you're being a little bit insecure?

obviously, she doesnt love you anymore so you should just leave her alone.

You can leave out mince pies, some sort of alcoholic drink And for the rein deers you can leave carrots or another vegetable

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