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if in pain yes. if not in pain no

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Would the sleeping pill ambien work to put your cat down?

No, the sleeping pill Ambien would not work to put a cat down. A vet can legally put your cat down if the cat is sick.

Why should you put a cat in your box?

i should put a cat in my box so i can play with it.

How many 0.05MG pills of xanax to gently put your 18 year old sick cat down?

You should not try to put your can down yourself. You need to take your cat in to a professional so they can safely do this for you and your pet.

Is there a pill that that can be used to put your cat down?

You should never do that. Take your pet to a licensed vet.

What happens if a cat eats a orchid?

The cat would have to be put down.=)

Where do you put the cat bowl down for the cat on poptropica?

First you have to fill the cat bowl with milk.

When should you stop holding your cat by it's scruff?

When the cat fusses and starts to scratch. Put it down on a soft surface and stop holding it by the scruff. Immideitly.

If cat gets infected with rabies how can it from spreading?

Put the cat down humanely.

Do you put your dog down if it bites cat or dog?


My cat has gained a lot of weight and has become reserved since you had your dog put down is this normal?

I have no answer, but the exact thing has happened to my cat since I put my other Cat down a few weeks ago! I am wondering if it is a kind of cat depression?

How much cat litter should you put in your cat box?

enough to drown

Should you put water out for the stray cat?

No because it's not you cat. But for me Yes cause i have my own cat.

Should you put a bell on your cat?

no cause that involves a collar and if that gets stuck on something it could choke a cat to death. That is not true, you can buy breakaway collars that will come off if the cat gets it stuck on something. Then you should put a bell on your cat so that you can hear it, and if your cat is an outside cat put an ID tag on with the bell. :)

Where should you put your waving Chinese cat?

You can put your waving Chinese cat anywhere you want to attract good luck.

Should a blind kitten be put down?

She should be put down after a trial test in the room.

What do you do when a cat is giving birth?

The best option is to take her to the vet but if you aren't near a vet then you should put her in a basket and try to calm her down.

How do you put down a cat without feeling bad?

To put down a cat without feeling bad is hard, but think of it as putting the cat out of his misery. It also depends on how much you and the cat bonded. The closer you were the harder it is. In the end though, just try to remember that he/she is in a better place.

Should you put your cat down when they have cancer?

The answer is all about whether your cat will be comfortable or not. I would take the cat to a vet, explain to the vet your situation and the cat's situation, and ask for the vet's opinion. The vet's opinion will be best for the cat. Also refer to Related Question.

What is the best way to clean a cat?

If your cat likes water, then you can put them in a tub of water with mild soap mixed in. if not, then take a wet washcloth and scrub them down. You should not have to clean a cat often because they are generally good at doing it themselves.

Your cat is cold should you put it in the oven to warm it up?

look up: "how do you cook cat?" no

What can you do if you put dog flea medicine on your cat and the cat had a seizure?

You should report it to a vet immediatly.

If you were fired from your job what should you put down in why you left?

You should put down that you were fired and state the reason for why you were fired.

How do you get the cat down to the bowl in 24 carrot island?

Find the cat, clique on it, then it should follow you.

How do you humanely kill your old cat?

Well you shouldn't just kill your cat because its old, If they have an illness that would be better to just die instead of living than you should take them to a veterinarian and they can put them down

How much does is cost to put a cat down?

$5.oo - $19.00 dallors