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I'd say take the test about 30 days after you last period. If it is negative, wait a week and take another one if you haven't gotten your period. If it is still negative, wait another week and take a third if you don't start. If you still have not started or gotten a positive result go see a doctor. It's hard to say since your periods are so irregular, but taking a test about a month after your last period should be enough time to get a positive result if you are pregnant.

Answeri am in the same situation, last month it was 43 days but a few months earlier it was 29 days!! its soo annoying. at the moment its been 39 days and i am worried i am pregnant, i have done 4 tests all over the past 9 days-all negative. i am sacred i have taken them to early! i read the home preg test leflet and it says for irregular periods take the longest cycle you have had and test from then. for me that is 3 days away, wish me luk.

ope i have helped in sum way

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Q: When should you take a pregnancy test if your periods are VERY irregular?
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Is it possible to get pregnant when you have ovarian cyst and irregular periods?

Yes. Because of irregular periods it may be harder to date a pregnancy. Cysts are very common and do not always prevent pregnancies from occurring.

Can you not have your period for months and not be pregnant?

Yes. Some women have very irregular periods. If you suspect you are pregnant, you should take a home pregnancy test just to be sure.

Could you be 2 weeks pregnant with very irregular periods and 2 negative home pregnancy tests?

There is a slim chance that you could be, however, you should see your gynecologist if you are uncertain. Home pregnancy tests are sometimes not accurate.

How can you stop having irregular periods?

Irregular periods are very common for women under 20. As you get older it should balance out. People say birth control helps..But i'm not positive.

How possible is it to know your ovulation period when your menstrual cycle is irregular?

You should visit your gynocologist since irregular periods/ovulation can be very difficult to track.

You are ten and my period is 3 weeks late help?

Periods can be and often are very irregular in young girls up to 3 years after their first period. After these 3 years, if periods are still extremely irregular, a girl should see her doctor.

What happen if your periods do not start even after 30 days?

Especially in your first year of having periods, they can be very irregular. If you are sexually active, get a pregnancy test as you might be pregnant. And always if you're unsure, please see your nurse or doctor

Does a irregular period be a sign of pregnancy?

I wouldnt say irreuglar periods are a sign of pregnancy its usually actually missing a period for about 2 , 3 or even 4 times(months) in a row. Irregualr periods mean that your body is just developing differently. I reccomend Yaz birth control pills , they regualate ur periods very well.

I'm not not birth control and have had an irregular period after giving birth 4 months ago could i be pregnant?

Yes. Yes, it is very possible....I suggest you do a pregnancy test or contact your doctor, especially if you had regular periods before the pregnancy.

What does it mean when your menstrual period is early with no cramps and is very light and lasts only two days?

Hello. This could be due to pregnancy, irregular periods, birth control pills or a hormonal imbalance.

Could Bleeding For a Day to Fill One Pad Be Pregnancy?

It could be pregnancy related but it is very difficult to answer unless you see your doctor for a blood test. The blood test will confirm or rule out pregnancy. If your on birth control or have recently stopping taking birth control, this can cause the very light period and so can a hormonal inbalance and irregular periods.

How can you tell menopause from pregnancy?

To know the difference, you should take a pregnancy test. If you haven't had sex for a while but are skipping periods, and you are over 35, it very well could be perimenopause or full-blown menopause. If you are sexually active, you should take a pregnancy test. It might also be early stages of menopause, but if you are still having ANY periods, there is still the chance of pregnancy.

Can having abnormal periods be a sign of pregnancy?

Maybe, but likely no. If you are young and just starting puberty abnormal periods are common. It usually takes 6 months to a year before the body settles down into a regular cycle. If you are older it could be menopause. With onset of menopause the periods become very irregular and are not normal.

Can you be pregnant if you have missed 2 months of periods ... and how likely?

Unless you usually have irregular periods, it's very likely that you're pregnant.

Is it possible for a virgin to skip her period?

yes, its very common. 50% of women have irregular periods.

Will you be pregnant if you missed your period?

You might be pregnant after you missed your period, but it does not mean that you are. Periods are very irregular. As much as we would like them to be regular, they are not. If it has been more than about 5 days, take a pregnancy test to be sure.

What causes irregular or late periods?

Very extrenous excersice or training could be a factor along with drug side effects. Wheter or not this might be the case, medical advise should be seeked when sudden late periods occur.

How long do you have irregular periods when you have only just started your periods?

When you begin having periods, your body is getting used to it just like how you learned to ride a bike. You may experience irregular periods for the first year or so because your body is just getting used to it all (like how you were wobbly for the first bit of learning to ride a bike). Don't worry-things should straighten out! If you feel that something is very wrong, you should visit either your family doctor or gynecologist. When you get on track your periods should be from 3-7 days. If you are lucky you could get 3.

My last period was the 13th of April and lasted about 7 days my periods are very irregular i had sex and he came in me on the 14th of may and i still haven't got my period could i be pregnant?

If you did not use protection, then you might have become pregnant. Even with irregular periods, the chances of getting pregnant are there! Wait a week or so and get a pregnancy test, since your period may not be the telling sign.

Can anyone explain 2 very light periods brown red very little clotting in Sept 06 and Feb 07?

This is usually caused by irregular periods or a hormonal imbalance.

Can you become pregnant immediately after your periods?

That is rare. But it is possible to get pregnant that way. You are advised to watch for the periods. It is very less likely that you are pregnant, if you get normal periods. Still it it advisable to get the urine pregnancy test done weekly after due date of periods. You should do it for two weeks even after you get periods to be very sure.

Is it usual to miss your period after you have it four times in two months. i had it four times from march to April and i havent had it this may. am i pregnant?

This sounds like very irregular periods. The first thing I would do is take a pregnancy test to rule that out. Then if your test is negative or positive either way you need to contact your gynecologist either to figure out why your periods are so irregular or to start the planning for your baby.

Do you still have periods during pregnancy?

Yes People can have there period all the way through there pregnancy but it's very unusual but it happens there may be spotting that may come as it please but you should have a doctor check that out

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you have had some brownish red blood but it is very light and irregular?

Hiya! Yes that could be a sign of pregnancy. Wait two weeks and do a pregnancy test.

Can periods last for two weeks?

Yeah, periods vary in length for everyone. If you haven't had your period very long then its normal to be irregular. By the time you are 16, your period should be normal. If not, see a doctor. They can prescribe you birth contol which will regulate your period.