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When should you take your tadpole out of the water?

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i've raised tadpoles since i was a little girl and you DO NOT remove them from water you keep them in water until they are ready to come out. if you can see little legs growing then make sure you have some sort of land within the tank or pool you are keeping them in but when they are ready to come out of the water they will come out themselves.

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How do you clean a tadpole habitat?

you take out the tadpole out of the container fast and put it in another container with water, then you just clesn it out and then put it back in with water

May you take frog eggs or tadpoles out of the water?

if you take a tadpole out of the water it will DIE!!!!!! do not take a tadpole out of the water until it is a frog .I'm not sure about their eggs but im pretty sure the eggs will fail to live (try Google or

When does a tadpole need to get out of the water tank?

a tadpole can come out of its water tank when its fully grown into a frog

How long does it take for a leopard tadpole to become a leopard frog?

how long does it take for a leopard tadpole to become a frog ??????????????????????????//

Explain how a tadpole becomes a froglet?

by moths they spen in the water

Can you put a baby turtle in the same tank with a big tadpole?

No. The turtle will try to eat the tadpole. Even if it is tiny it will just take chunks out of the tadpole until the tadpole dies.

How long does it take for a tadpole to grow into a frog?

For a regular tadpole to it takes 6 months

Where does tadpole begin its life?

in water

Is tadpole a fish lives in water and breathes through gills?

No. A tadpole is an immature(young) amphibian.

How do you take care of a snapping turtle?

Feed it frog and tadpole bites from petsmart and fill the bowl with water and a large rock sticking out of the water

How long will it take a tadpole to develop into a toad?

It will take like 12-16 weeks , it all sort of depends on water and the food supply.

How do you tell if you have a tadpole or a minnow?

A minnow is a small silvery fish and a tadpole is a small amphibian that lives in water.

Do you need a water pump for a tadpole?

yes you do

Why can tadpole breath in water?

Because they are Amphibians.

How long does it take for a leopard frog tadpole to become a frog?

I can take a leopard frog tadpole two to four months to go from an egg to metamorphosis.

What is a name for a baby toad?

You could be thinking of a tadpole. They hatch out of eggs into the water. Then they develop legs. You could also be thinking toad let, the stage immediately after tadpole.Tadpole

What bugs do tadppoles eat?

I think they mostly eat water bugs?? yes they do a tadpole could die of tap water do not give it tap water or else it could die i give my tadpole puriefed water and you>>

Does a tadpole have a nose?

A tadpole does not have a nose. It breathes like a fish, gulping in water with their mouth and nostrils which then passes through gills.

How long can a tadpole remain out of the water and survive?

It doesn't.

Do you leave your tadpole in water till it is a frog?


What part of the world does a tadpole lives?

The water world

What does a tadpole need to stay alive?

Water to swim in

Should you take water to practice or Gatorade?

You should take water.

What is the answer to the analogy egg is to tadpole as to tadpole?

Egg is to tadpole as tadpole is to frog.

How long does it take for a tadpole to become a frog?

It takes about 90-100 days for a tadpole to become a frog. ( for the leopard frog )