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* I turn mine on during Thanksgiving weekend * I live in the Chicago area, where a lot of people put up their lights in October, before it gets bitterly cold. Some people turn the lights on as soon as they're up, but the majority of us wait until at least Nov. 15. Traditionalists wait until the day after Thanksgiving. And, even if they're still up after Jan. 7, don't turn them on!

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Q: When should you turn on your Christmas lights outside?
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When do you turn off your outside Christmas lights?

When Christmas is over.

How do people in France decorate for Christmas?

The French are not great Christmas decorators. It is a religious festival and celebrated modestlyand in a dignified manner. Many villages turn on the Christmas lights ( the same coloured lights that have been up all year and are turned on for any festive occasion) there will generally be a Christmas Tree outside the mairie (the Town Hall) and many churches will bring out the Christmas tableau of Jesus and the Holy Family in the stable.

What date do you turn on christmas lights?

I generally turn my exterior lights on the day after Thanksgiving and leave them on nightly through January 1.

Can you install an electrical switch before a gfci?

Yes! you can install an switch a head of a GFCI receptacle. This installation is common in some applications to turn on an outside receptacle to control Christmas lights.

When are you supposed to turn on Christmas lights outside?

It's not considered appropriate until after Thanksgiving, even though some people put up displays less than a week after Halloween.

How do you find a burnt out Christmas light?

easy just turn on your Christmas lights and then find the one that's not on

When do New York Christmas lights turn off?

when the current is interred

When should you turn off your bright lights if there is an approaching vehicle?

If you are driving with your bright lights on and can see an approaching vehicle, you should turn off your bright lights immediately.

When do you turn off all the lights in your house?

You should turn off all lights that you are not using.

How do you turn on the spot lights fog lights on a 2002 volkswagen polo?

You should turn the lights on, (should be a nob thing that you turn) just give it a pull and it should slide bank and your spots should be on. One more light pull the fog light will go on.

How do you turn your lights on on Habbo?

you click on the light and it should turn on

Why do my headlights go off and on while I am driving?

Some cars have lights that turn on lights automatically due to outside brightness

Is there any given tradition about when to turn on Christmas lights?

Not sure what you're referring to here ... traditionally, most people turn their Christmas lights on every night from the time they put them up, until the time they take them down. Are you, perhaps, refering to the *last* time you're supposed to turn on your Christmas lights, before taking them down? Because there is a tradition of keeping up holiday decorations until Epiphany, when they are to be taken down until next year.

Why should you turn off lights for earth hour?

you should turn off lights for earth hour so you could "Save power, Save earth."

How do you turn on the lights in the breaker room in luigis mansion?

Go up to the switch and press the "A" button. That should turn on the lights.

When are the Christmas lights switched on in New York?

most of them are turned on in November but someChristmas lights are turned on in the begging of December. Some people can't even turn their lights on because of all the snow. The range is about November.

When do you turn your Christmas lights off?

Whenever you want to! Most people do it by the New Year's however.

Why is there an external light switch on the house?

To turn off lights from the outside (I have one too).

Why Buick regal turn signal not working?

Trun signal lights do not come on at all not on dash or outside

Can you turn off shoes with lights?

Some of the shoes you can turn the lights off and some you can't. Before you buy them, you should check.

When driving in fog. You should?

go slower. leave your lights on. turn on your fog lights(if you have them) and do not turn on your bright lights!(in heavy fog) it will make it difficult to see for you and other drivers.

When driving in fog you should what?

go slower. leave your lights on. turn on your fog lights(if you have them) and do not turn on your bright lights!(in heavy fog) it will make it difficult to see for you and other drivers.

What time do the Franklin road Christmas lights turn off?

11 55pm according to the facebook page

What are some of the safety concerns with Christmas decoration lights?

Christmas decoration lights can become damaged after repeated use and being packed away each year. The safety concern is that an electrical fault could cause a fire. It is safest to turn the lights off when nobody is in the room.

Is it cheaper to turn off fluroescent lights or leave them on?

It is cheaper to turn lights off. You can check by having one person outside at the electric meter. See what happens when you turn off the florescent lights. See what happens when you turn them on. Does the meter speed up? If is speeds up does it speed up more than enough to make up for the time the lights were off? Write it up for a science project.