When should you wear a white dinner jacket?

What does Black Tie mean?

Black tie is the most common type of formal attire. Black tie affairs require a tuxedo;accessories can be of any color. Women attending a black tie event should dress inevening attire.

What does White Tie mean?

White tie is the most formal style of dress. When an invitation calls for white tie you are to wear a full dress outfit, including a tail coat and trousers, white pique wing tip shirt, vest and bow tie. Women attending a white tie evenshould dress in full length gowns.

What does Daytime Formalwear mean?

Daytime formal, sometimes called morning attire, is worn for formal affairs occurring before 6 PM. There are two jackets accepted as daytime attire: the longer, more formal Cutaway, and the suit lenght Stroller. Both coats are generally worn with gray striped trousers, pearl or light gray vest and striped ascot or four in hand necktie.

When can I wear a white dinner jacket?

White dinner jackets can be worn when an invitation requests black tie attire. In the northeast the jackets are worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. They are also worn on cruises or in warmer climates year round. Are formal wear rules different in the summer? The same tuxedos are used in every season, although in the summer you can wear a white dinner jacket.

What do I wear for a cruise?

Usually you will need a tuxedo or white dinner jacket for at least one night. Some gentlemen prefer a variety of accessories to create a different look for additional evenings. Do you wear suspenders with a cummerbund or vest?

Yes, you can wear suspenders with both. Tuxedos have no belts. The suspenders hold up the trousers while the cummerbund or vest is a finishing accessory.

If in doubt phone a reliable tuxedo shop and ask their opinion depending on the occasion you are going too.