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When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university, it is an example of _____ aid. n…

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Money that is left over after all expenses are paid is known as

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Q: When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university it is an example of aid.?
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When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university it is an example of what kind of aid?

merit based

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Is university of Puerto Rico a private or public college?

University of Puerto Rico is a public college, although not all students enter (just like in Harvard, for example). To get in, students must reflect excelent grades or outstanding participation during their high school years. It is the most affordable institution in all the Carribean. During these days, there has been a strike. Students fear their college will become private, leaving Puerto Rico without a public college.

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yes, an you please make me an example of passafe for college students such as making predictions

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Each college and university will have abbreviations and course codes particular to themselves. There are no standard abbreviations. For example, it could be FARM 101, or, FRM 101, ARG 101, etc.

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If it is a small festival organized by students, a local restaurant might sponsor it. If it is a large festival, a company that donates to or partners with the university might sponsor it; for example, a festival at Ave Maria University in Florida might be sponsored by Domino's Pizza.

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Yes. There are many special colleges for the blind around the world.For example (in no particular order)New College WorcesterRoyal National College for the blind

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Any institution particular to education and instruction can be considered a school. A college is an institution of higher education and typically broken down into departments within the school. For example, the English department, business department, engineering department etc. A university is typically made up of schools or colleges that fall under the University. For example, the school of business, or school of engineering, school of health related professions, etc.

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you know that according to a recent study looking at the drinking habits of students at Stanford and UCLA, all college students are involved in underage drinking?

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