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bud selig doesn't care about America

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Why do antibiotics stop working?


Can antibiotics stop your periods?

Antibiotics cannot stop your period, but it certainly can delay it. Also it depends on the antibiotics that your taking.

What can you do to get steroids out of your system?

When you stop using steroids, the effects of it never actually disappear from your body, unless you have been taking huge amounts of steroids for a long time. Even though you will lose your muscle mass if you stop working out at all, studies have shown that steroids do permanent changes to your muscle tissue.

How do antibiotics effect the pill?

They can stop it from working.

What happen when you stop taking steroids?

i took it and lost it all

If you have a cold does the pill stop working?

No it is only when you take antibiotics that the pill can be less effective and maybe if you vomit within an hour or two of taking it

When you stop taking the steroids will the sarcoidosis come back?

It could, speak to your doctor about your medications and follow your doctors advice. Do not just stop taking the steroids! You must be weaned off them gradually. It is very dangerous to just stop taking them by yourself, especially if you are on a high dose.

Is there any cure for steroids?

The only "cure" is to stop taking them. Wow

How do you know your addicted to steroids?

You can't stop taking them even if you want to

How addictive is steroids?

not addictive at all. just stupid and when you stop taking them you lose all your energy you had before taking them , and stop working out and get all lazy and scrawny/fat (depending on your body type). not to mention it makes you bald prematurely, and breakout with acne.

Is clay Matthews on steroids?

He use to take them. He was caught taking them, so he had to stop.

Can antibiotics stop your period?

No, antibiotics definitely cannot stop your period. The only known possible way to do is is by taking contraceptive pills, or getting a hysterectomy

Should antibiotics be restricted?

There is certainly cause for concern regarding antibiotics. Many health professionals feel that antibiotics are overprescribed. The danger in this is that eventually, common antibiotics stop working as well or even stop working completely, and bacteria become drug-resistant. This necessitates the need for the creation of stronger antibiotics, which is often difficult.

Do steroids really stunt your growth and if so once you stop taking steroids does your growth resume?

Steroids have been linked to stunted growth, and have also been observed as affecting your body for several years even after the ceasing of taking them.

Am having very thin and small penis you need to improve that what to do for that?

Stop taking Steroids

How do you clean the body from steroids?

Stop taking them and wait. There's nothing you can do to speed up the process.

Is it possible to get pregnant on the pill and your last period was only 2 days when it normally last 5 days you were on antibiotics and had unprotected sex one day after finishing antibiotics?

yes. antibiotics can stop the pill from working properly and condoms should be used while taking antibiotics and for 7 days after you stop taking them. bleeding in the early stages is quite common and is known as spotting, this is due to the body preparing for the pregnancy and internal organs shifting. take a pregnancy test if you're worried

Am I going to die if I don't finish my antibiotics?

Some people don't finish taking their antibiotics, they take them as the doctor prescribed, but stop when the symptoms start to subside. You won't necessarily die from not taking antibiotics, but if you do, the current ailment you have could progress into worse conditions. So either way, you should finish taking your antibiotics.

Can antibiotics cause heavy menstrual cycle?

hi i am on antibiotics for some days now my period started yesterday it seems a bit heavier does the antibiotics have anything to do with this and should i stop taking the antibiotics while am on my period

How can a person quit using steroids?

Since you dont get physically addicted to them... Just stop taking them. Most people dont stop because they want to get bigger and bigger... Set a goal for yourself, once you reach the goal stop taking them. You would quit doing steroids the same way you would quit eating fast food. Willpower.

What are some slang names for anabloic steroids?

Slang terms for anabolic steroids include: Arnolds, gym candy, juice, pumpers, roids, stackers, weight trainers. There are also terms for how steroids are used. "Stacking" refers to taking multiple steroids at once. "Cycling" means to regularly start and stop (or reduce) the steroids.

How long does it take for Zoloft to stop workin once you stop taking it?

How long does it take for zoloft to stop working

What to do when you stop taking antibiotic and the you get worse?

When you stop taking antibiotics and get worse, it is usually because you have stopped taking them too early, and the infection is getting worse again. Making an appointment with a doctor would be the most advisable course of action

How long after taking antibiotics will you know if an abscessed tooth is OK?

==ANTIBIOTIC ANSWER== You won't know until you have finished ALL of your antibiotics. Never stop taking antibiotics when you "feel better". After you finish the entire prescription, the dentist will check it to see if you need a second round of antibiotics. Ask your pharmacist for a printout of the medication you are taking to ensure that you don't take anything else that will diminish the effects of the antibiotic.

How long do you wait to drink alcohol after taking antibiotics?

If your liver is generally healthy, you can begin drinking alcohol right after you stop..just be sure to be taking some sort of probiotic while you are on antibiotics or right after. Culterelle is a great choice!