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try swapping 2 of the leads. This usually works on motors

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Q: When the 350 fired it seems to be running the fan towards the drivers side instead of the passenger side however it runs great just does not seem to charge the alternator?
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That would require some serious machining. Far easier simply to get an alternator to install instead.

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The alternator generates power to run the car and charge the battery. An alternator in a vehicle generates Alternate Current (AC) instead of Direct Current (DC) electricity to power the vehicle.

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I would expect that the battery is dead; however, instead of jump starting the car, it is far easier on your car's charging system to place a battery charger on it for about 6 hours then start the car. Otherwise, the alternator tries to charge the dead battery at a wide open rate and it can damage your alternator. Mark

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The regulator is internal to the alternator! Just replace the alt. The alternator has an internal regulator that can be replaced by itself; however, when there is an issue with the alternator, it often involves diodes in alternator instead of or in addition to the regulator. better repair shops will often take an alternator to an automotive electrical repair shop for same-day rebuilds, with the value much higher than a cheap rebuild in a chain parts shop, and hundreds less than a dealer replacement. You want Bosch or your own Bosch rebuilt

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If you constantly run your car with a dead battery will this hurt your alternator?

Yes, alternators are designed to maintain the battery, or recharge a battery that has been slightly discharged from starting the car. When the alternator is used to recharge a dead battery, it causes the alternator work harder and longer than it is designed for, causing it to overheat, thus causing damage to the alternator. A battery charger should be used instead. They are designed for charging dead batteries. After the battery is charged, let the alternator maintain the charge.

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How do you make the battery light to go out after replacing the battery?

If the light is still on then the problem was not the battery but was instead the alternator which is more than likely defective.

How dc supply is applied to field coil in a brush less alternator?

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