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That is called a let. A server is allowed to retake that serve without penalty. A server may serve an unlimited number of lets during a point without being penalized.

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When the ball hits the top of the net on the first serve and goes in what would be the call in tennis?

It would called as 'let' and server gets another chance to serve.

Why is a tennis serve called a serve?

Because you hit the ball with some kind of racket and that is why you call it a serve.

What do you call the ball of golf?

That would be a golf ball.

Who must say the score in volleyball?

In the absence of a referee or score keepers on the side, typically the person serving the ball would call out the score before they serve.

Are you allowed to cross the line before you serve in volleyball?

No, if you do, then the referee will call the ball and both the ball and the points go to the other team. You can only cross the line after you have served the ball.

Can you strip the ball in basketball?

NO... you would have to steal it ... stripping the ball like in football would Intel that you wrestling for the ball in basketball they will call it a foul or a jump ball if you try to strip it ...

Is the runner out if the first baseman drops the ball but then places his other hand over the ball while the ball is lying on the ground before the runner reaches first base.?

The first baseman must "have control of the ball". If his hand is on it pinning it to the ground, the call is safe. If he picks it up or in any other way, shows he/she has "control" of the ball, the call is out.

When is a ball fouled in baseball?

When the ball is hit and goes behind the foul lines. The call is usually made after the ball crosses first

How long should a girl wait for a guy to call her after sex for the first time?

it varies from ball to ball.

What is the call if the ball hits the top of the net?

Although there are different times when the ball touches the top of the net, the call is all the same. During a serve, hit, pass, set, or any other motion, if the ball hits the top of the net and rolls over to the opposing side, there is no whistle and the play is playable. If the ball hits the top and doesnt reach the other side, the point goes to the opposing team and they get a chance to serve.

What do you call 2 first ball ducks for the same batsman?

a pair

What would you call a pre-dinner gathering?

You could call it a meet and greet. You serve cocktails and appetizers.

Whose insurance should I call if there was a car accident and it was their fault?

I would call their insurance, if you did not know who they are or they didn't have insurance, I would call your company and they can get the ball rolling.

What do you call a serve that the opponent cannot return in tennis?

There are two types of serve that a player cannot return, one is an Ace and one is just called Unreturnable. An Ace is when the returner cannot get their racket to the ball at all. An Unreturnable is when the returner touches the ball, but cannot return it within the court.

How would I serve Home Depot with a subpoena?

Call 605-331-1662 for their Subpoena Dept.

What do you call a serve that opponent cannot return?

A winning serve.

In basketball what is the rule when 2 players wrestle for a ball?

The referee would usually call a jump ball. If one of the players was too aggressive, he/she may also call a foul on that player.

Second shot from a tee box?

If you just hit a ball out of bounce from the tee box or if you don't know if you did you can call for a provisional ball. You would hit your second shot from the tee box "your provisional shot" and see if you can find the first ball. If you can't and your provisional ball is in play then you have play provisional ball and you accrue a 1 shot penalty stroke also. If you find your first shot off of the tee then you pick up your provisional ball and play your first tee shot. No penalty if you find your first tee shot and you can play it. So, the second shot from the tee box would be considered a provisional shot.

When you get hit by a pitch in little leagu. your options?

its either the umpire call that runner goes to first if he or she thinks there is no attempt made by the batter. it could be ball 1 or 4 or strike if it cross the strike zone the ball would still be consider dead if the ball is a strike

What do you call a mouse with a ball?

A ball mouse

What do we call a huge ball of gas that emits light?

One such definition would be a star

If a batter is hit by a pitch after the ball hits his bat while trying to get out of the way of the pitch and not swinging or bunting at it does the batter go to first base?

No. If the ball hits the batter's bat first there can be no call of hit by pitched ball. Added: It is actually a foul ball and a strike.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

When shooting your last ball or black ball can you call the shot off your opponents ball legally?

No. The first ball contacted by the cue ball must be the 8 ball to be a legal shot. However, if you use the opponent's ball as a carom shot after hitting the 8 ball, yes, this is a legal shot.

If a player crosses the first down line and gets pushed back does he get the first down?

In most cases yes, as the officials would call it "forward progress". But he must make sure the ball completely crosses the first down marker.