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It may. It may also be a pulley or bearing going bad.

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What if a number not a perfect square?

It does not matter! There are more numbers that are not perfect squares than there are perfect squares and the universe has not ground to a screeching halt!

How does the state of matter change in crayon-making?

The state of matter remain unchanged.

Effects of heat on matter?

Heat causes the molecules in a form of matter to accelerate (reason why ice becomes water, and water becomes gaseous water vapor).

Is air matter and how can you tell?

Yes. Air is matter. It takes force to get air to accelerate indicating that it has mass, and trying to compress it in a container shows that it takes up space.

Astronomers have proposed the existence of an unexplained force that is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate What do they call this force?

Dark energy is the term to refer to the force that is causing an expansion of the universe to accelerate. It is estimated that the universe is 68.3 percent dark energy, 26.8 percent dark matter, and 4.9 percent ordinary matter.

Your car has a clanking sound when it is on the clanking goes faster when you accelerate what is it?

This usually means that a belt is going out on the car and needs to be replaced. Usually the time belt makes this noise. Also this could be your fan and that sometimes needs to be replaced. This could be inaccurate, but that is the most logical. No matter what it is best to get these small problems fixed right away because it will just be more expensive when your car breaks further because of this.

Is dark matter able to move?

Yes. All hypotheses about the nature of dark matter assume it will accelerate, just like baryonic matter does in a gravitational field. In fact, one hypothesis is that dark matter consists of neutrinos, which move at near the speed of light.

Can you give an example for plasma state of matter in space?

Matter approaching the event horizon of a black hole. The gases have been stripped of their electrons by force of gravity as they accelerate towards the singularity.

How does light affect the ripening of banana?

Sunlight itself does not affect bananas after it has been harvested. Direct sunlight will heat a banana, and that is what will accelerate the ripening process of bananas or any fruit for that matter. Heat will accelerate the transformation of starch into sugar.

Is a measurement of the matter in an object?

amount of matter making up an object(the answer is Mass)mass

What are the release dates for It Is Written - 1956 Making Prayer Matter?

It Is Written - 1956 Making Prayer Matter was released on: USA: 26 August 2012

How can you stop your refrigerator from working permanently?

It can be repaired no matter what you do or replaced, not sure of intent of your question

Is uranium used for making organic matter?

Any link, uranium is not used to make organic matter.

What happens when matter goes through a chemical change?

The atoms making up the matter get rearranged into new products different from the original matter.

What causes matter to melt?

Heat energy causes matter to melt. The energy breaks bonds in the matter making looser constructions of the material.

Are quarks traveling at the speed of light?

No, quarks have mass and nothing with mass is allowed to reach the speed of light no matter how much energy is used to accelerate it.

Does a spaceship ceases to be matter when it is in space because it has no weight?

There is no change to an objects status as matter in space. Matter continues to exist in the absence of air and weight. If this were not the case all matter in space (suns, planets, etc.) would all vanish. Mass and weight are two different things. Mass is a measure of how much matter an object has, and that does not change when you change or eliminate gravity. Weight, on the other hand, is the force that an object creates due to its mass and the influence of gravity. If it takes a certain amount of force to accelerate an object, it will still take that certain amount of force to accelerate it the same way from the same reference point, no matter what the gravity.

Would you get off the bus like Rosa parks?

I would no matter what. I like making a difference no matter if I get killed.

What does denstiy depend on?

Nothing, it is a property of matter. However that said, Gravity can collapse matter making it more dense.

Does a solid have greater mass than a liquid?

No, the fact that something is liquid or solid has to do with the states of matter. Mass has more to do with the amount of force required to accelerate an object.

What are the name of 10 aliens of ben 10?

WildmuttFourarmsGrey MatterXLR8 (pronounced "accelerate")UpgradeDiamondheadRipjawsStinkflyGhostfreakHeatblas

What force is required to accelerate a body with a mass of 18 kilograms?

Since you don't tell us anything about friction or any other forces in the body's environment, we have to assume that there aren't any, and answer the question for that case. Any force, no matter how small, will accelerate any body, no matter how big. The greater the force is, the greater the acceleration will be. To find out exactly what the acceleration is, simply divide the force by the mass.

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