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When the female has kits do you separate the male?

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You should separate them before she has the babies because almost right after she gives birth she can become pregnant again and you will have bunny explosion!!! Separate them!! The world does not need more bunnies!!!!! :) hope that helps.

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What do you do with the male rabbit when the female is pregnant?

Separate the male so they won't re-mate. If you don't when the kits are due, the male could carelessly trample on the kits and kill them.

Do you have to separate the male gerbil from the female and her babies?

Yes you have to separate the male gerbil from the female with her babies because if you leave the male with the female and her babies the male will kill them.

Do you have to separate male bunny from female bunny when female is pregnant?

You should separate the buck right after the mate. This is because the buck will want to re-mate with the doe. Also make sure the buck is far away from the kits!

Do you need to separate the male rabbits from the baby rabbits?

Yes, separate the dad from the kits when they are born. Te dad will trample and kill the kits.

Will a male rabbit left in the cage with a female rabbit after giving birth kill the kits when they are born?

You must separate the male from the female rabbit. Generally a male rabbit won't kill his offspring. But once the deed has been done, in the wild the male rabbit will usually leave the female and leave her to do her thing.

When should you separate your male hamster from the pregnant female?

Once you see that the pregnant female is larger you should separate the male from the female

Do you have to separate the male from the female to lay the egg?

Male from the female what exactly...?

Are the male and female gametophytes separate plants or part of the same plant?

Male and Female gametophytes are in separate plants

What is the proper name for a male ferret?

a male is a hob and a female is a jill babies are kits :)

What to do after the bunny has babies?

First separate the male from the kits (he will eat them) then leave the mother and kits alone, if she feels threatened she will not feed them and the kits will die.

Is a hydrangea complete or incomplete?

Hydrangea have complete flowers. They do not have separate male and female flowers. They do not have separate male and female plants.

Is a gladolia flower complete or incomplete?

Gladiolus is a complete flower. The flowers have both male and female parts. There are no separate flowers for male and female. There are no separate male and female plants for gladiolus.

What are the names for male and female and baby rabbits?

Male rabbits are bucks.Female rabbits are does.Young rabbits are called kittens or kits.

What are female and male rabbits called?

The female is Normally called a Doe, and a male is called a Buck. Also, baby rabbits are called Kits.

Is a male medicine cat allowed to have kits?

Well, male cats cannot obviously have kits. In Warriors, it is the same for male and female medicine cats. They cannot have kits whatsoever. EDIT: It also says medicine cats cannot have mates.

Does the male ferret eat the kits when born?

The male ferret mates with the female and goes his own way. The mother ferret gives birth and raises her kits alone.

What do you call female hedgehogs?

There are no separate names for male and female hedgehogs.

Should male rabbits be removed from the female rabbit if their is kits?

The male rabbit should never be housed with the female rabbit. He should never be introduced to her habitat. To breed she should be taken to his cage and removed after they are done breeding. The male rabbit should NOT be exposed to the kits.

What to do after a female robo dwarf hamster has her babies?

After giving birth to the babies separate the male from the female and babies or else the male will try to kill them. after a few week or so separate the mother and then separate the female and male babies or else they will mate at an early age and have undeveloped babies

What are dioecious and monocious plants?

A dioecious plant is a plant species that have separate organs of reproduction, male and female reproductive organs, on separate male and female plants. Monocious plants have male and female reproductive organs on the same plant.

When a hamster gets a baby do you separate the male from the female?

Yes because the male will try to kill the female and the babies

Is there any separate male and female plant?

no its impossable -I--

Do plants have both male and female reproductive organs?

Some plants have flowers with both male and female organs. Other plants have separate male and female plants.

After a male rabbit has mated with a female rabbit do you have to separate them?

Yes, it is best to separate a pregnant female rabbit from the rest of the rabbits.

What is a female ferret called?

A female ferret is called a Jill.A mother ferret of a litter is called a Dam.An unspayed female is a Jill, A spayed female is a Sprite.A male is a Hob, and young are called Kits.(In Germany they call kits puppies.)