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When the gears of war movie coming out?

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It has been said that it will come out summer 2009 (hopefully) it will probably come out when the game gears of war3 comes out . it is going to be announced in 2010

UR so wrong. It was suppossed to be in production and devoloped in 2009 and released in 2010. And as of April 2010, Len Wiseman is to direct the film for new line cinama.

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Is Gears of War the movie coming out?

Yes is being produce by Stuart Beattie, its coming out on 2010.

When is Gears of War-III coming out?

Gears of War 3 will be coming out April 5, 2011

Is gears of war the movie going to come out?

yes it is coming out during 2011 and 2012.

When does gears of war movie come out the date?

Sould be coming out in the summer of 09 no actual date set

Is gears of war 4 coming out?

Let's wait for gears of war 3 to at least be announced first.

When is gears of war 4 coming out?


Is Gears Of War 2 coming out for ps3?

No Gears of Wars is an Xbox 360 game

When is gears of war three coming out?

this summer 2011

Is gears of war 3 coming out?

Gears of war 3 offficial release date is set at December 31, 2010.

When is the game of gears of war 2 coming out?

It is coming out November 7. Same day as the new James bond movie. That's going to be a great day! how do i know

Is gears of war three coming out?

with the success of gears of war and gears of war 2, you can expect a next one to come out but this process in game developing takes time.It most likely will come out march- July 2010 the book is coming out march 2010

How many gears or war games will there be?

There will be a Gears of War 3 coming out in April 5 in USA, and April 8 World Wide 2011. This will be the Final sequal to Gears of War 1 and 2.

Is there going to be a gears of war movie?

yes there will be

Does gears of war 3 comes out in 2009?

no 2010 and the gears of war movie is suppose to come out that year too

When does gears of war 3 comes out for xbox 360?

In a magazine i read its saying the say that Gears of War 3 is coming out around 2011

When does the gears of war 2 expansion come out?

Well if u mean when is Gears Of War 3 Coming out is releasing April 5, 2011.

When is God of War the movie coming coming out?

theres no such as god of war the movie

Is Gears of War III coming soon?

yes it came out in 1400

What is more popular gears of war or modern warfare?

Id have to say modern warfare but just by a long shock if it hadn't sold over 2million copies gears of war would have one but gears of war 1 and 2 are fun gears of war 3 is coming out soon

When is the gears of war movie coming out?

2010 or 2011( put in this website and it'll tell u, it comes out in 2010)

Will there a part 3 of gears of war?

Yes. Gears of war 3 has been announced and so has a Gears of war movie. It was meant to be a triology, but Epic have yet to decide if they will end the story here.

When does Gears of War come out?

gears of war 1 is already out the same with gears of war 2. you can buy them from eb games or any gaming store but gears of war 3 isn't coming out till April 2011 but it might be postponed till November 2011. only on xbox 360.

Is gears of war 3 coimng out?

yes gears of war 3 is coming out September 20 2011 so get ready for the best game in history to be released!!

Will a gears of war 3 be coming out?

We're still waiting for the announcement that an announcement will be made involving a further announcement for the speculated release date of gears of war 3.

What is gears of war movie about?

plasmic ninga star exploshin

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