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Not necessarily. Look at the codition of the head. Get hold of a metre long (3 foot/yard steel or aluminum rule) and put it across the head in different directions, logways, across, diagonal. This to check that the head hasn't warped. If it seems ok fit a new head gasket.

AnswerThe above is good advice, your head is only likely to have warped if it overheated badly when the gasket blew... my 306 has now done 10,000 miles on its new head gasket and I didnt skim the head since it seemed ok...

For the sake of an extra £40 id get it skimmed anyway!

Our cambelt tensioner went last June so everything was replaced inc the head gasket...we didnt skim the head as it hadnt over heated but now 1 year on the head gasket has gone, this time ill be getting it skimmed. Its £40 and i wish id done it last time round as we`ve since been told that the head should be skimmed every time its taken off.

Ours is a 1996 p reg 306 1.4....its done 20,000 since the head gasket was done but still shouldn't have gone yet!

We are now looking at £70 for parts (inc spark plugs, head bolds, air filter etc) £40 for the head skimming and what we are paying to a mechanic to fix it....luckily its a friend doing it so this isn't much but it could have all been avoided by spending £40 last time!!


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2011-09-14 09:48:16
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Q: When the head gasket goes on a 1.4 306 do you need to have the head skimmed?
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Do you need to have the head skimmed when the head gasket goes on a 304 1.4?

A general rule is the head on any car will need skimming if the gasket goes. With out going into too much detail, the head gets slightly damaged once the gasket goes and if it is not skimmed (made really smooth and flat) your gasket won't seal properly and is likely to go again and again. You could always be brave and try getting away with it but I think you'll just be wasting your time and money. Get the job done properly and hopefully you'll never have a gasket go again. A good question to ask though is, why the head gasket blew in the first place.

Repair the head gasket on a 190e 2.3?

You will need to remove the cylinder heads. Remove the old head gasket and clean the head gasket surface. Put the new head gasket on and reverse the process.

How do you replace the head gasket located on a Ford Escort 1.9L?

u have to open the 2 rows of stardrive bolts and undo the injector pipes but u realy need to get the head skimmed annd u should realy replace the head studs and find the torck presher on them

You have coolant getting into your oil how?

You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.

How serious is seepage at the cylinder head gasket?

It's up there. If you have seepage at the head gasket, you need to replace it.

How can you change head gasket seal on Ford Falcon EL?

hi if you replace the head gasket you will need to have the head repaired and machined as the head alloy eat's out which causes the gasket to fail

What to do if you have blown head gasket?

Remove the head and fit a new gasket. You may also need the head surface machined flat.

What parts do you need to change a blown head gasket on a 99 vw passat?

A head gasket set and new head bolts.

Do they make additives to fix a blown head gasket?

No additive is going to help - you need to get your head gasket replaced.

How do you repair head gasket on car?

to repair a head gasket on a car is extensive. most cars, you will need to pull the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, timing belt/chain, water pump. it really depends on your year make and model. and then you engine size. sometimes when your head gasket goes out, that is the death of your engine

Repaired head gaskets on scania 400 series engine still overheating?

the head may need to be skimmed or a new head to be fitted

Why is oil leaking into the coolant?

You need a head gasket.

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