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Yes, but it does depend on what Country you are in!

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Can a credit card company collect from a deceased persons parents?

Not unless they were guarantors of the debt.

What Massachusetts law describes who is responsible for a deceased persons credit card debt?

The probate code would explain the process for closing an estate.

Is the other driver's insurance company responsible for when my pip runs out?

No, The other persons Insurer is not responsible for the coverages or lack of coverage you decided to purchase from your own insurer.

Who is responsible for a deceased person credit card debt if there is no living children or spouse?

No one. In that case the debters are SOL (although I believe they may be able to seize the deceased persons assets and sell them all to pay off as much of the debt as possible)

Will surviving children of deceased parents that have no life insurance or estate be responsible for paying criminal fines or utility bills incurred by the decedents?

No, surviving family members are not responsible for the debts of deceased persons if they were not listed as a joint account holder or borrower.The exception being a surviving spouse when the couple resided in a community property state.

What does it feel like to be dead?

We don't know, because contact with deceased persons is made somewhat difficult by the fact they are deceased.

Do you have to be alive to take a DNA test?

No, DNA can be taken from deceased persons.

Why aren't deceased persons allowed to marry?

Marriage is a contract. A deceased person does not have the legal capacity to willingly enter into any contracts.

Does people that are deceased get there fingernails done?

yes the funeral home usually does a deceased persons nails,and hair and general grooming to get them ready for their "showing"

Is the business responsible if they are letting an unlicensed driver operate a company vehicle?

Yes. The company should be checking the validity of a persons drivers license before letting them drive any motor vehicle.

Can a parents personal items and car be auctioned off to pay debt after death?

Yes and no. Items that are in the deceased persons name can be held in probate. If the car has an outstanding lien, it will just be repossessed if it is not paid off, but if there is a will and the car is left to a person, that person will be responsible for the balance of the loan. If the car is paid off, it can and will be held in probate until the deceased persons estate is cleared of debt. If the person is renting a property and not the owner of the property and has outstanding debt, the items of value can be held in probate and auctioned off. If the will leaves the items to others, it will go to them, but if there is no will, everything listed in the dead persons name will become property of the state until probate is lifted and debt is paid off.

What can the mortgage company do if the mortgage cannot be paid anymore on a deceased persons home?


If your father and stepmother are both deceased and left their home to you and your siblings are you responsible for the mortgage or foreclosure of the property?

Because the property was not owned outright by the deceased persons being willed the property are responsible for the debt attached as well. If they do not want to take the financial responsibility of paying the debt or selling the property they can allow it to be included in the probate procedure and therefore are not responsible for foreclosure or other litigation connected to it. yes, you are responsible otherwise you lose the house you don not get it free just because someone dies. only the person named as heir to the house has to pay. just did this.

Who is responsible for a persons debt when they die?

The estate will be responsible. If there are not enough assets to cover the debts, then they will not be paid.

How can you find information on a persons living trust?

If the person is deceased, you can contact the trustee if you know who the trustee is.

If there is a will does it have to be probated?

In the Uk, it is not always necessary to prove a will. It depends if the deceased persons was a property owner or if any institutions hold the deceased persons assets and how much they are. For example if a person made a will and did not have a house and only had three thousand pounds in a bank it would not be necessary to prove his or her will.

In What tense are bioghraphies written in?

Biographies of living persons should be written in the present tense whereas biographies of deceased persons should be written in the past tense.

Does a deceased persons pension change?

generally they don't get one after they're dead. because... they're dead.

How long do you keep deceased persons records?

Many people would keep a deceased person's records for at least 10 years. Many people keep these records for longer than that.

Your brother and sister-in-law have been deceased for a ye ar how long can debtors try to collect?

Debtors MAY have a legitimate claim against the deceased persons. However they must file their claim against the ESTATE(s) of the deceased persons, not against any particular individual. Unless someone who is still alive co-signed a note or a loan, the creditors have no other claim on anyone, or anything, except the estate that the deceased left behind.

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