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The piston is on the up stroke to compress so both valves are closed

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I don’t know

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Q: When the number one cylinder is on its compression stroke is the intake valve open?
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The Compression Stroke pulls the fuel-air mixture into the cylinder?

No, the intake stroke pulls fuel-air into the cylinder, the compression stroke squeezes (compresses) this mixture into a small volume.

Is timing set on exhaust or intake stroke?

Neither, on a 4 cycle engine the timing is set at the end of the compression stroke of the number 1 cylinder.

Why is there no compression on a 2 stroke engine?

There is no separate compression stroke on a 2 stroke engine, but there is compression - the intake and compression take place on the same staroke, the intake on the first part and compression on the later part.

An intake stroke is the movement of the piston between what two positions in the cylinder?

Intake happens afer the exhaust stroke and just before compression.In a four stroke, 'otto cycle' internal combustion, engine.

How many intake events are there in one revolution of a four cylinder engine?

There is only one intake stroke in a four-stroke engine. The other three strokes are compression, power, and exhaust. The intake stroke is a down stroke of the piston in which fuel is drawn into the cylinder while the fuel intake valve is open. The next stroke is the compression stroke in which the valves are closed and the fuel is compressed for combustion. The following stroke is the power stroke - a downward stroke of the piston after fuel combustion that drives the crankshaft. The final stroke is the exhaust stroke, an upward stroke of the piston as the exhaust valve opens to relieve the exhaust fuel fumes.

In 4 stroke what is injected at suction?

A four stroke engine has four basic operations within the engine. It has Intake, compression, power and exhaust strokes. During the intake, or suction stroke, a mixture of fuel air is injected into the cylinder.

What do you mean by four stroke four cylinder petrol engine?

The 4 stroke cycle is also referred to as the Otto or Ottoman cycle. The piston will travel 4 complete evolutions including the power stroke. Intake, compression, power, exhaust. 4 cylinder refers to the number of cylinders the engine has.

Which occurs just before ignition?

Intake stroke

During an engines intake stage what passages inside the cylinder head must the incoming air and fuel mixture flow though in order to enter the cylinder?

Intake valve must be open to allow atomized fuel mixture to enter cylinder--than all valves are closed during compression stroke 4- stroke engine 1) intake valve open to allow fuel mixture to enter cylinder 2) compression stroke all valves closed 3) ignition stroke mixture is ignited by spark from spark plugs 4) exhaust stroke--exhaust valve is open to allow residue to escape

How fuel works in cars engine?

All gasoline engines are four-stroke designs. An engine has an intake stroke where the intake valve is open and the piston is moving downward, creating a vacuum that sucks the fuel into the cylinder. The next stroke is the compression stroke. The intake valve closes, and the piston begins to move upward and compresses the fuel in preparation for ignition. The third stroke is the power stroke. The piston is approaches the top of the cylinder in the compression stroke. Just before it gets to top dead center, the spark plug fires and ignites the fuel. The fuel rapidly expands and pushes the piston down with great force. The last stroke is the exhaust stroke. In this stroke, the piston completes the power stroke and begins to rise again. At this point the exhaust valve opens, and the piston forces the exhaust out of the cylinder in preparation for the intake stroke.

Which valves do you adjust at number 1 top dead center?

1 exhaust and intake. Each pair of valves should be adjusted when the cylinder is at the TDC of it's compression stroke.With #1 at TDC you can adjust 1,2,5,7 intake and 1,3,4,8 exhaust.

What are the four strokes of internal combustion engine?

intake stroke, compression stroke, power stroke, exhaust stroke in that order

If a four stroke cycle starts with the copression stroke the the thirs stroke would be the?

The 4-stroke cycle does not start with the compression stroke. it goes -1. Intake2. compression3. power4. exhaust

You put a 1975 350 in your 1986 half ton and you can not get it to start only fire pops out of the carb what do you do next?

Sounds like it is out of time, check the mark on the crank and number one cylinder and distributor. their is a compression stroke and exhaust stroke so be sure you are one the compression when checking timing. Sounds like it is out of time, check the mark on the crank and number one cylinder and distributor. their is a compression stroke and exhaust stroke so be sure you are one the compression when checking timing. This condition defines a intake valve is open when the spark plug fires. Look to see if the plug wires is properly connected in the right firing order. If the engine has been disassembled the vale timing could not be set proper. Ignition timing may not be set to the right position. Timing mark at TDC. Cylinder number 1 on compression stroke.Drop distributor in with rotor facing cylinder number 1 on distributor cap.

What is the 350 Chevy number one cylinder and what is the number one on distributor cap?

Number one cylinder is located driver's side front of engine. With the # 1 piston at TDC on the compression stroke, the rotor will be pointing at #1 plug on cap.Number one cylinder is located driver's side front of engine. With the # 1 piston at TDC on the compression stroke, the rotor will be pointing at #1 plug on cap.

What are the 4 strokes of a 4 stroke engine?

1 Intake stroke 2 Compression stroke3 Power stroke4 Exhaust stroke

What are strokes of a four stroke engine?

intake, compression, combusion, and exhaust 1.The first stroke that is intake is the movement of a valve , which opens into the cylinder which contains a moving piston which moves 50 times a second , the opening of the valve lets the fuel to get into the cylinder (the fuel is the mixture of air and fuel that can be diesel or petrol the air is mixed into it to make more compression as the air is more compressible 2. The second stroke is compression that is done by a piston in the cylinder by moving up thus high amount of pressure and temprature. 3. The third stroke is the power or the bang stroke which is done when the piston colides with the top dead centre it ignites due to compression and high temprature which leads to friction 4. The last stroke is the exaust stroke whic is the opening of the second valve and outgoing of ethe waste air

Fuel is combusted in the stroke of a four-stroke engine?

In the power stroke:Intake stroke --- draws the fuel mixture into the cylinderCompression stroke --- pressurizes the fuel mixturePower stroke --- ignites the fuel and causes the product gases to push against the pistonsExhaust stroke --- expels waste gases from the cylinder* PIE C is a good way to remember it. Or C PIE. *

If the crankshaft of a two stroke engine is rotating at 900rpm how many power strokes occur each second?

Two stroke engines have one power/exhaust stroke and one intake/compression stroke per revolution per cylinder. A One cylinder engine at 900rpm produces 15 power strokes per second.

Where is top dead center on a 3.8 V6 ford windstar?

That would be the top of the compression stroke on the number one cylinder.

On a 4-cylinder engine that has a firing order of 1342 if number 1 cylinder is on the exhaust stroke what stroke is number 3 cylinder on?

On a 4-cylinder engine with a firing order of 1342, if number 1 cylinder is on the exhaust stroke, the number 3 cylinder will be on the induction stroke.

What valve will be open when the number one cylinder is at top dead center?

Presumably we are talking 4 stroke? If so, none or the exhaust - it will be at the top of the compression or the exhaust stroke

What is exhoust stroke?

The exhaust stroke is the 4th stroke in a 4 cycle engine. 1st is the intake stroke, 2nd is the compression stroke, 3rd is the power stroke and the 4th is the exhaust stroke.

What enters the cylinder during the induction stroke on a diesel engine?

In an internal combustion engine with a carburettor a mixture of air and atomised fuel is drawn into the cylinder. If the engine is fuel injected compression ignition engine then air is drawn in, the fuel is introduced just before top dead centre of the compression stoke. If you mean intake stroke, then the answer is air.

How does a four stroke engine generate power?

Intake compression ***** POWER**** exhaust