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nothing... Ouija boards are complete nonsence

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What does it mean when the plancette on the ouija board spins around?

It normally means the entity is not happy with the question or is frustrated. Some entities will do this, so it is believed, to scare the person using the board as well.

What guitar techniques do fall out boy use?

Uh, Joe Trohman spins around really fast in circles with his guitar if that counts.

How do you use a ouija board?

Using a Ouija board is fairly simple. The plachette, or eye piece can easily slide over the surface when it is lightly touched by one or more people sitting around the board, and a question is asked. When questions are asked, the pointer will slide to indicate letters, numbers, etc as an answer. Some believe that communicating with dead people is wrong, as it is forbidden in the bible, and that while playing with the Ouija board you aren't actually contacting the dead. These people believe that you are contacting something called a "familiar spirit", also sometimes referred to as a demon, that pretends to be the person you are trying to contact - which is considered to be very dangerous. Luke 24:5 And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead? Some people use the ouija as a tool to divine messages by asking spirits to answer the questions they have. This involves asking a question aloud or in one's mind, and allowing the spirit's energy to influence the movement of the Plachette, or "eye piece" on the board. It directs the Plachette to number and letters, as well as yes and no, or Hello and Goodbye. There are several other things one should be aware of when using a ouija board, such as when the Plachette shows repeating letters and when it "spins" or moves aggressively across the board. These are seen as signs of 2 letters being needed such as in the word reed, or in the case of spinning and aggressive movements, it's a sign that a spirit answering the question is frustrated or is angry with the medium using and leading the board. The Medium is the person who leads the group through what is called a seance. Though it is not necessary to use a ouija board in a seance, many mediums find it easier than channeling. The mood can be set with candles in a dark room, and this atmosphere often leads to a "creepy" vibe often spoken of by many. The atmosphere in the darkness though, is said to help remove distraction by the medium using the board.

How do you under flip on a skate board?

just do it You first need to know how to kickflip. What you do is kickflip, but as the board spins, catch your foot on the griptape and flip it the opposite direction it was going.

How do you defeat go rock squads Steelix?

what I did was when the steelix spins in a circle, you quickly draw your circles around it, but be careful not to touch it!! plusle and minun can not shock it, sadly.

How do you popshuvit?

pop hard and then spin your front foot put do it slowly the slower the board spins the easier it is to catch

What is a rotation in space?

The earths movement around the sun is called as revolution and the earth's motion within itself in its orbit is called as rotation. when the earth rotates its spinning in circles -around and around- and when it revolves its moving around the sun so rotation is when something spins in circles

What is a gazelle in skateboarding?

Gazelle is a 540 shuvit with a 360 body varial(going the same way where the board spins). Rodney mullen invented it.

Earth spins on it?

spins on its axis

Earth spins on its?

If you mean earth spins in its? Then the answer is Earth spins on its axis, while also orbiting the Sun.

How does the planet Mercury's spins?

how does the planet mercury's spins?

Which on is dizzier turns or spins?

'''i am 90% sure that it is spins :) :/'''

What are other earth's movement aside from rotation and revolution?

The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.

In western riding what is a reining circle?

when you ride in reining, you do a series of spins and circles. when you ride in reining and do a circle, its a figure 8 type pattern, although you do about 3 circles on the right and 3 on the left, its still a figure 8 in the end. you can also compare reining to figure skating, its very similar. i know this because i compete in reining.

How many spins are in a 900?

A 900 is 2 and a half spins

Which planet spins on its side?

The planet Uranus spins on its side.

How many times does the moon spin around the earth in a full rotation?

a more accurate answer is The moon circles the Earth once for every time the moon spins on its axis so the same side is always toward the Earth.

How many spins is a 900?

2 and 1/2 spins in a 900

What else spins when earth spins?

all the other planets and the moon.

On what game show did Michael Larson memorize the pattern made by moving lights enabling him to avoid the whammies and control of the board for 35 spins winning 110237?

Press Your Luck

Which planet spins in a clockwise direction?

Venus spins clockwise, but very slowly.

A celestial object spins its axis it is said to?

The word "Rotate" spins into mind.

What gas giant spins on its side?

the gas giant that spins on its side is uranus

When does the earth move?

doesnt it spins everyday it spins 1 complete spin

What occurs when an object spins on its axis?

When an object spins on an axis it causes rotation!!