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Thermostat is stuck open, not allowing engine to reach operating temp. Replace the thermostat. could also be your heater core needs cleaning also check your rad cap to make sure that it holds the pressure

If your question is more "why" and not what to do: Your engine gets hot and needs to be cooled. To do this there are coolant passages throughout your engine and they connect to your radiator which uses outside air to dissipate the head from the coolant before returning back to the engine. Your water pump circulates the coolant through the system. Your thermostat is like a door that holds the coolant in the engine back until it's hot enough to go to the radiator to be cooled. If it is stuck open the coolant will be continually circulated through the radiator and continually cooled... it will not allow your engine to "warm up"... all it is doing is preventing your coolant from getting up to operating temperature when it's stuck open. the way your heat works is it has a heater core, a mini radiator, under your dashboard. it has coolant running through it and when you turn your heat on it blows air through this heater core. if your thermostat is stuck open then your coolant won't be allowed to get hot so it won't be hot when it goes through the heater core with the fan blowing through it.

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2003 Pontiac grand prix no heat the temp goes up and then all the way down and then you get heat?

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause your temperature gauge to go up and then allow the gauge to go all the way down. When the thermostat is stuck closed, your engine will overheat and water will not get to your heater core. When the thermostat opens the engine cools down and water flows to the heater core.

What does the thermostat control?

The engine thermostat controls the flow of coolant to the radiator , it allows the engine to warm up before the thermostat opens in order to limit the maximum operating temperature.

What sysrems will you see on your 97 ford ranger when the thermostat has gone bad?

If your engine thermostat sticks open it will run cooler on your temperature gauge and you won't see the temperature gauge go up to the point where your engine thermostat opens and then the temperature gauge will show a drop in temperature , your check engine light will probably come on , your gas mileage will be less , the heat from your heater probably won't get as hot If the engine thermostat were to stick in the closed position your engine will overheat ( but there are several other causes for an engine to overheat )

What would be the cause of your 1991 dodge spirit's heater not blowing out hot air?

check for coolant in check for heater core leaking and verify if your thermostat is working(if it opens when engine is warmed up...hope this helps you..L

How do you get antifreeze to the motor after changing thermostat?

The water pump will pump coolant(antifreeze & water) through the engine after the thermostat opens up.

What happens to cooling system when engine is cold?

the water continues to cycle through the water pump, radiator, and heater core until the engine reaches sufficient temperature to open the thermostat. when the thermostat opens, cooler water enters the engine block and heads and warmer water is pulled out of the block, enters the radiator to be cooled, and the cycle continues

Whats the normal engine operating temperature for a 83 Monte Carlo with a 305 and auto trans?

190 It is dependent on what thermostat you have in your engine. The engine will normally run hotter than the temp the thermostat opens at.

How does the heater work on a 1991 Ford Ranger?

After the engine warms up and the thermostat opens up, some of that heated antifreeze is directed through the heater coil. The MVAC fan blows air over it, and the heat transfers to that air, then it's directed through the ducts.

Heater will not get hot only luke warm?

Check that the heater valve opens fully, and then take the heater hoses off the at the water pump and flush the heater core with the garden hose in both directions.The problem could also be the thermostat being stuck open, meaning the engine is not reaching its operating temperature, especially if you are in a cold climate.

What is the thermostat for in cars?

The thermostat is a device which blocks the flow of coolant through the radiator until the coolant inside the engine reaches a certain temperature, at which point the thermostat gradually opens to allow enough coolant though to maintain the engine at its optimum operating temperature. The thermostat then controls the flow of coolant to keep the engine at that temperature irrespective of engine load and operating conditions. Without a thermostat and engine warms up more slowly and will never reach its optimum temperature. This causes increased fuel consumption and increased wear on the moving parts. The thermostat also make the heater work much quicker in winter

What does a trucks thermostat do?

when your coolant in your engine gets a certain temperature,usually 180 degrees,your thermostat opens and your coolant circulates through your radiator and it keeps your engine cool so it wont overheat.

Why does heater blow cold air when car is idling?

The heating system doesn't get heat until the car warms up and the thermostat opens.

What does the thermostat on a car do?

The thermostat in a car regulates the coolant temperature inside the engine. When the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed, allowing the heat from the combustion chamber to heat the fluid (coolant) in the coolant galleys in the engine block. Once the engine reaches an optimal temperature, the thermostat opens, allowing coolant to flow through the radiator. The thermostat then controls the flow of coolant to hold the engine at its optimum operating temperature, irrespective of engine load and operating condtions.

Do you need a thermostat in a car?

A Thermostat enables the engine coolant to heat up quicker. One of the advantages is that the vehicle heater will get hotter faster. When the temprature of the engine reaches about 92 degrees f the thermostat opens to allow the engine coolant to circulate to the radiator which maintains a safe temprature for the engine to run at. A vehicle will run without a thermostat fitted. But it is not recommended on some engines as it may cause a hot spot which could cause the head gasket to blow. A typical example being the Leyland O series engines from the 1970s

Do you have to open thermostat when installing a new one on a 1996 grand marquis?

The thermostat only opens when it reaches a set temperature. For instance a 195 degree thermostat opens at 195 degrees. Just install the thermostat, and do not mess with it. Install it spring down.The thermostat only opens when it reaches a set temperature. For instance a 195 degree thermostat opens at 195 degrees. Just install the thermostat, and do not mess with it. Install it spring down.

Why does the engine warning light come on in your vauxhall astra with a simultaneous increase in engine temperature followed by a steep drop?

It sounds like the thermostat is opening up late causing the engine to almost overheat before it opens. Replace the thermostat.

What isthermostat of hilux toyota?

The thermostat opens and closes to keep the engine running at the optimum temperature range. A properly operating thermostat also keep the engine coolant hat enough to heat the passenger compartment in wintertime.

Why would a jeep wagoneer limited have hot heater lines and only blow cold air?

The thermostat could be stuck closed. the heater core could also be plugged or the door closes when you use ac and opens when you use the heater may not operate.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1998 Lincoln Continental?

find you upper radiator hose and follow it to the engine, when it stops, the housing unit that it will be connected to, the thermostat will be inside, you just have to drain the coolant before you take it off. make sure that you get a new one that opens at over 200 degrees, anything less will fail emissions.

How can you bypass a thermostat on a 2000 Saturn LS?

You CAN just remove it; but that introduces another set of problems. The computer monitors the engine temperature, and if the engine is not warming sufficiently the computer will start to report a fault. A cold engine does not perform as well, and if the thermostat is removed the engine will not be able to reach operating temperature. The thermostat restricts coolant flow into the radiator while the engine is cool. Once the engine warms to operating temperature, the thermostat opens, allowing excessive heat to be dissipated through the radiator. Removing the thermostat is NOT recommended and can significantly affect performance and engine wear.

How does a thermostat operate?

A thermostat on a vehicle opens at a preset temperature to allow coolant to flow from the water pump through the radiator and engine block to cool the engine. They are set to open around 185 degrees. This allows the engine to heat to operating temperature relatively fast.

What does the thermostat do in a 1994 Honda Accord?

Its job is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up. When the engine is cold, no coolant flows through the engine. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature (generally about 200 degrees F, 95 degrees C), the thermostat opens. By letting the engine warm up as quickly as possible, the thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions.

A thermostat opens to allow coolant flow when what component of the thermostat has expanded?


Do you need a thermostat in a car in the summer?

yes because it will keep you cool in the summer and in winter keep your self warm A thermostat is a necessity in a modern engine. Its job is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up. When the engine is cold, no coolant flows through the engine. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature (generally about 200 degrees F, 95 degrees C), the thermostat opens. By letting the engine warm up as quickly as possible, the thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions. Leave the thermostat in the engine all year round.

What triggers your car to not blow heat?

The thermostat is stuck, or the engine coolant level is too low to circulate properly. In either case, have it looked after immediately before you cause serious engine damage.The thermostat is a valve that opens to allow coolant circulation around the engine when the temperature of the coolant has reached the normal operating temperature of the engine. Once the thermostat opens, it allows circulation of the hot coolant through the radiator and also through the heater core which heats the interior of the vehicle.If it opens too early, the engine runs too cool and will not be as efficient. This could also cause considerable wear on moving componenets designed to fit properly at a higher temperature.If it opens too late, overheating will occur, resulting in excess wear for essentially the same reason.If it does not open at all, the result can be extreme overheating resulting in a blown head gasket, complete coolant loss and a seized engine. These are extremely costly repairs.Have the problem looked at before it reaches this point.