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BEFORE getting involved in the major project of replacing the heater core, check the hose connections at the inlet and outlet hose connector tubes into and from the core. If these connections are the source of the leak, then it will not be necessary to replace the core. If there are signs of hose leakage, drain the coolant, disassemble the connections, clean the hoses and tubes well, and reassemble. Refill with coolant, run engine until it comes up to full operating temperature, cycle the heater on and off, all the while visually checking for leaks. At the same time, observe the area beneath the plastic plenum chamber for continued leakage. IF the inlet and outlet hose/tube connections are not leaking, but the leak continues, then the CORE IS LEAKING, and will have to be replaced.j3h.

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How do you fix p0117 engine coolant temp circuit low input on a Saturn?

probably just replace the coolant sensor

How do you know if you need to replace a water pump in a 2000 LS1 Saturn?

If it is noisy, leaking or not pumping sufficient coolant to cool the engine, replace it.

Why does the GM 350 engine have coolant flowing around the intake manifold?

you have a coolant leak

How do I fix a High idle on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

Replace the engine coolant temperature sensor. Your car has two, replace the one with the 2 wire connector

Do you have to replace coolant when you replacing the ac compressor?

You will have to replace the refrigerant, but not the engine coolant.

1993 Saturn radiator fan not coming on except when the AC is on?

Replace your Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. Your car has two, replace the one with the two wire connector

What is ects for a Saturn sl?

Engine coolant temperature switch/sensor

On a 95 Saturn is not shifting gears could it be a sensor in the trans-axle?

Replace your Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. Visit for help in diagnosis

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1998 Saturn SC?

first, its not located in a conveinent loccation. It can only be accessed from underneath the car. And, because its on the bottom of the engine block, you will have to drain the coolant.

Where is the location of 1999 Saturn coolant temperature sensor?

on the right side of the engine

Does the fluid in the radiator have to flow as soon as you turn the engine on?

No , the engine coolant will start flowing through the radiator when the engine coolant thermostat starts to open ( assuming everything is working properly ) Helpfull

How do you replace the engine coolant in a Skoda felicia?

Open the drain out valve at the bottom of the radiator to allow the coolant to run out. Replace the valve and add the fresh coolant.

Where coolant temperature sensor is located on engine on 1995 Toyota tercel And how to replace?

The coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine, near the thermostat. Remove the coolant temperature sensor retaining nut, to replace it.

How do you do a radiator flush on a 1995 Saturn?

The radiator on a 1995 Saturn is flushed by draining the coolant, refilling the engine with water, and adding a flush. It is allowed to circulate and drain before refilling with coolant.

2000 Saturn sl2 misfire?

Start by replacing the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

What does trouble code P1620 for a 1997 Saturn SL2 mean?

Low engine coolant

What is an EC-TS for a 1998 Saturn SC2?

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor.

What engine coolant do you need for a 2007 Saturn Aura?

Dexcool, I just had to add coolant (reservoir was bone dry!) to a 2007 Aura

How do you reset the low engine coolant warning light on a 2003 Saturn VUE?

fill the coolant reserve and the light should go out

What type of antifreeze do you use in a 1999 Saturn SC2?

The 1999 Saturn engine uses dexcool type coolant. This coolant is different form other types and cannot me mixed with another type.

Where is the engine coolant sensor in a 1998 Saturn SC1?

I believe it is on the block where your engine coolant runs into the block from the radiator. There should be two wires that run to a plastic-like sensor.

What does the Saturn computer code p0117 mean?

P0117 will set if the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) reads over 248F when the engine has been running for 10 seconds. replace your coolant temp sensor. the sensor is located in the drivers side of the cylinder head, just below the valve cover line, under the coolant hose.

If the heater core is not replaced can it cause damage?

If your heater core is LEAKING engine coolant so that your engine coolant level drops too low or the engine coolant is lost completely and causes your engine to overheat then your engine can be damaged beside the mess the leaking coolant makes inside your vehicle ( you might be able to just temporarily bypass the heater core so that no engine coolant is flowing through the heater core )

If the VIC on your 1996 JGC reads that the coolant sensor is bad what do you do?

check/replace the engine coolant level sensor located in the engine coolant overflow reservior (located at the rear of the engine compartment pass. side)

Where is the coolant temp sensor on a 1994 Saturn SL2?

The coolant temp sensor is located directly under the EGR valve, just in back of the upper radiator hose connection on the engine. The sensor has 2 wires and uses a 14mm socket to replace