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When there is a leak of engine coolant flowing at the floor of the right front seat does it mean you need to replace the heater core Is it okey to just clean the rust or dirt of the 2001 Saturn LS1?

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February 05, 2007 5:05AM

BEFORE getting involved in the major project of replacing the heater core, check the hose connections at the inlet and outlet hose connector tubes into and from the core. If these connections are the source of the leak, then it will not be necessary to replace the core. If there are signs of hose leakage, drain the coolant, disassemble the connections, clean the hoses and tubes well, and reassemble. Refill with coolant, run engine until it comes up to full operating temperature, cycle the heater on and off, all the while visually checking for leaks. At the same time, observe the area beneath the plastic plenum chamber for continued leakage. IF the inlet and outlet hose/tube connections are not leaking, but the leak continues, then the CORE IS LEAKING, and will have to be replaced.j3h.