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The state of the immune system can both improve and get worse during pregnancy, and this varies with the individual.

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Q: When there is a possibility of pregnancy are you more susceptible to colds or the flu?
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How do you use the word susceptible in a sentenece?

People who choose not to wear jackets in the rain, are more susceptible to colds.

Does smoking make you more susceptible to catching a cold?

Smokers get more colds and they tend to be more severe and last longer.

How do you use the word susceptible in a sentence?

Tropical fish are particularly susceptible to illness or death when living in water that is too cold.Cold weather stresses the body, making you more susceptible to colds.

Why would your cat be sneezing drooling and not eating?

my young cat is drooling alot and sneezes and wont eat. i have other cats and they are ok. Cats like humans get colds and flus - Cat colds are very contagious and interestingly, cats are more susceptible to colds in the summer time. You may need to call the VET as the colds can be fatal if infection sets in and are extremely contagious to other cats

Why is the sickness a cold called a cold?

In ancient times, most people caught colds in winter when it was cold, hence the name. They thought colds were caused by the cold weather. Numerous scientific studies have proven that being cold does not cause people to catch colds or make them more susceptible. The reason people caught more colds in winter was simply because they collected together for warmth and their close proximity increased the spread of the cold from one person to the next.

Can smoking harm babies?

Yes. Babies exposed to tobacco smoke have an increase risk of cot death and are more susceptible to colds, asthma, glue ear, chest and ear infections.

Is it easier to get a cold when you are stressed?

Probably. There are medical authorities who believe that stress can impact your immune system making your body more susceptible to illness and less resistant to colds and other infections.

Why do people get colds more than others?

Some people might wash their hands more then others or some people might be more cautious from sneezes and coughs then others. Some people have lower immunity and are susceptible to viral infections.

Can stress prolong a head cold?

Yes, most definitely, like they say, "healthy mind, healthy body", they go hand in hand. The more stress you have in your life, the more susceptible you are to colds, flu and other diseases.

Do alcoholics catch a cold?

Yes alcoholics can catch a cold. No one is 100% immune to the common cold. Alcohol is not an INTERNAL disinfectant. In fact, they are more susceptible to colds due to poor nutrition.

Urinary track infections during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy make women more susceptible to urinary tract infections. They are harmful if left untreated, which is normally done with antibiotics.

Can amoxicillin delay ovulation?

No, you're actually more susceptible to pregnancy while on antibiotics, because birth control pills are ineffective. Always use condoms, unless you're planning a pregnancy.

Can you catch a cold from cold temperatures?

The common cold is caused by a group of viruses. Being cold does not cause colds, although it is true that a person who is chilled might become more susceptible to catching a cold.

Can having herpes make you get more colds and flu?

yes but not a lot of colds or flues

Why clones are more disease susceptible?

There is no evidence that clones are more susceptible to disesase or infection.

Is clayey or sandy soil more susceptible to erosion?

Sandy soil is more susceptible to erosion.

Is it possible for a women to get pregnant on her cycle?

Yes, it is possible. A woman can get pregnant any time she engages in intercourse though are more susceptible to pregnancy while ovulating.

Can hpv make one more susceptible to herpes?

Yes it can make one more susceptible to herpes.

Do male cats get colds easier than females?

No gender is more susceptible to contracting infections more than the other. An individual cat's immune system, health, and to some extent, its environment plays a large part on how quickly a cat falls ill, or how often.

Can herpes can get more colds and flu?


What can make you more susceptible to colds. My son has now got his fourth cold in as many months?

Exposure to lots of people, stress, unhygienic behaviour such as not washing hands. However, if your son is still young, his immune system is still building itself up. As long as his colds are not endangering his health or life, they will help in strengthening his immune system.

What are colds caused by?

Colds are germs that can be spread by sneezing and coughing.In winter you spend more time inside around people so you are more likely to get one.

Use Susceptible in a sentence?

When working with sick children you become more susceptible to illness.

Can hamsters get colds?

oh yes they can they can get colds all right,fevers too! (if you want more information go to a libary.)

How often do you get colds?

Well I get colds very often at least once a month if not more than that and they last a long time.